Mia Park

Raising scores while building confidence and calm

9 Years Tutoring
Eastchester, NY


Mia Park is a business person and entrepreneur who has lived and worked on three continents. She is also a seasoned tutor who has helped students in Westchester county and around the world. Whether it’s test prep, academic enrichment, writing, public speaking or more, she is highly effective with students of all ages, abilities and learning styles. Her specialty is raising student confidence.

Mia began tutoring to gain deeper insights into the industry after falling in love with the education business. To her surprise, this work also taught her better ways to think and learn, and she has been sharing her discoveries with students ever since. Today, she complements her deep experience in tutoring with recent findings from brain science and cognitive psychology. Typically, students improve their outcomes and also achieve a stronger sense of agency.

In addition to tutoring, Mia has experience in just about every corner of the education industry, including charter schools, magnet schools, independent schools and international schools; experimental, remedial and gifted programs; public and private universities and more. And she has participated at just about every level, as a student, parent, volunteer, interviewer, instructor, consultant, business person and board member. Her broad knowledge and insights have helped students and families more clearly and calmly make sense of the educational landscape and how it operates.

This breadth of knowledge and experience makes Mia more passionate about tutoring. In addition to finding students truly delightful, she knows that as a society we can and must do a better job in preparing our students for the future. She brings this deep sense of purpose and commitment to her tutoring work.


Cornell University
Bachelor of Arts, English, Minor in Government

Northwestern University
Master of Business Administration, Marketing, Minor in Strategy


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Special Needs Skills