Loren Dunn

Top Tutor in New York City Since 2006

15 Years Tutoring
New York, NY


Loren is a very thoughtful, creative tutor who is highly accessible and communicative with parents. He’s carefully considered the best ways to present difficult material and takes the time to respond to parent questions and concerns in detail, maintaining the level of communication with each parent that he or she desires. Loren cares deeply about his students and invests himself completely in finding a way to help them achieve their success, whether academically or on a standardized test. His experience includes extensive work with students with learning differences. He’s a Founding Tutor at Noodle Pros, among the group that started the company in 2010, as well as the Professional Development Program Coordinator.

His academic credentials are stellar: Phi Beta Kappa with Honors from Johns Hopkins, Robert R Arellano award for academic achievement, Gold Key, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, AEPi. He was even on the Johns Hopkins faculty, one of the youngest faculty members ever. He’s also taught courses in the Baruch College Career and Professional Studies program.

As an award-winning actor and filmmaker, Loren brings a creative and entertaining approach to working with his students. He prides himself on being able to engage students of all ages and all types on material that many would otherwise find dry and difficult to focus on. He crafts a unique approach to each student, drawing from the countless tools and strategies he’s developed over a 13 years of tutoring. Loren prides himself on his ability to connect with his students and build a foundation of trust that helps him help them do their best work.

While he excelled at university, one of Loren’s strengths is that he had to learn how to be an effective student. His success at Johns Hopkins represented a transformation that began in his Junior year of high school, a transformation from being a student who, while by no means failing, wasn’t realizing his full academic potential, to one who understood how the academic world worked and what it took to master it. As a result of having to learn these skills consciously, Loren has both the tools to help any student be a better student and the ability to impart them.

Loren is equally strong on the math and the verbal side of standardized tests. Students will find him to be incredibly knowledgeable and interesting to work with. Parents will find themselves relaxing when they realize that they are in excellent, capable hands.


Johns Hopkins University
Bachelor of Arts, Writing Seminars, Minor in Economics


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