Andrew McGlothlin

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Los Angeles, CA


Andrew McGlothlin has tutored for over 15 years, and in that time he has learned that what most students struggle with when taking standardized tests is not the content, but the actual language of the test. The SAT, ACT, and other tests aren’t really written in English; rather, they’re written in “test-speak”, which most students (and most parents) find utterly unintelligible. Thus, he not only teaches his students the content and techniques they will need to master the test, but he also teaches them to translate questions and answers into language they understand, while still maintaining the meaning and complexity of the text. The result? Confident, knowledgeable, prepared test-takers, armed with the skills to handle any kind of standardized tests they face in the future, from AP’s to graduate-level exams.

Andrew also teaches high school full-time at Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles, where he teaches AP Macroeconomics, AP Microeconomics, AP Seminar, AP Research, World History, and SAT prep. His AP teaching has helped him fully understand how even excellent students can struggle on the SAT or ACT, and how best to help hard-working students achieve real mastery of even the most difficult of subjects. (And if he can make obscure aspects of monetary policy interesting to his students, he can make anything interesting.)

Through his time at Le Lycée he has also learned the specific problems that foreign students encounter on American standardized tests, from the structure to the content to the symbols. He has worked closely with students on four continents, including France, China, Korea, Australia, and even Tahiti (!). Foreign students who wish to study at an American university will find that Andrew is able to fully prepare them for the rigors and unique challenges of the SAT or ACT.

Andrew studied acting at the prestigious School of Drama at Carnegie Mellon University, and is an accomplished TV and film actor. When he’s not tutoring he can usually be found at one of his kid’s soccer games or choir concerts, or watching the failures of his beloved Cleveland sports teams.



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