Our Fees

Inspirica tutors are deeply experienced in their areas of expertise. Accordingly, they command fees of between $150 and $600 per hour, consistent with those of other well-trained professionals. On average, they need only twelve hours to prepare students for standardized tests or to get them back on a good academic track.

You can look elsewhere for tutors who charge less per hour, but many have not studied the subject or test in sufficient depth, or misdiagnose the root causes of misunderstandings, wasting your time and generating disappointing results.

And there are firms charging tens of thousands of dollars for tutoring and counseling. Generally, those firms take the lion’s share of the tuition and simply prey on the wealthy; we would gladly match our tutors’ experience and results to any of them.

We’d be happy to discuss our fees directly.

What We Do

Academic Support

From elementary school to college classes, our tutors help you boost your grades and, more importantly, your skills so you gain competence and confidence for the long haul.

Test Prep

Any standardized test can be mastered with the correct approach. Inspirica helps you get ready for test day and beyond.


At Inspirica, we listen closely to understand your specific needs and craft an individualized plan to achieve your educational goals.

Our Results

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