Craig Wu

Ivy League STEM-focused Educator

14 Years Tutoring
New York, NY


You may not know it yet, but stumbling upon my page may change your life for the better. With me, your immersion into the world of science and education may open up opportunities that will alter your or your children’s future path. Let my contagious spirit help you and your children embrace the love of math and science.

I am a STEM-focused educator, having experience in teaching Biology and Cell Biology, and having been in science/math my whole life. My formal teaching experience began in 2007 as a teaching assistant to the bright undergraduates of the University of Pennsylvania. As a graduate student at Penn, this was my stepping stone into a professorial role. We were taught to confer innovative ways of problem solving, analytical methodology, critical thinking, and embracing curiosity. I tutor all levels of biology, chemistry, and some clinical sciences, and my advanced degrees allow me to tutor many nursing, college, and graduate school-bound students. Originally from NYC, I attended Stuyvesant before attending Institut Le Rosey, so I tutor middle school students for the SSAT and SHSAT.

My notable achievements include 82% of pupils with perfect scores on the SAT Math 2 Subject Test, and greater than 83% of all pupils breaking 750 in both Chemistry and Biology Subject Tests (with some perfect scores every year). For the SAT and ACT, many pupils break 700 (or 30) in math with some perfect math scores. Pupils of mine have attended Harvard, UPenn, Princeton, Stanford, Dartmouth, Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, NYU, UMichigan, and elsewhere. I was once even featured in The Wall Street Journal for my volunteer efforts. I am an avid but out of shape ultimate frisbee player, yogi, fisherman, skier, and world traveler.

Allow me to work with your children to tailor their educational needs. Let me guide you or your loved one into the the exploration of science and math. Nothing is more empowering than learning and understanding, and I would love to nurture this in you!


University of Pennsylvania
Post-Master’s, PostBac Prehealth, Doctorate, Dental Medicine

University College, London
Master of Science, Biochemical Engineering


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