Yuliya Aleksandrov

Supportive tutor who focuses on problem-solving, not rote memorization

8 Years Tutoring
Boston, MA


Yuliya is a kind and encouraging tutor who meets students where they are and then works with them to grow their understanding and build their confidence. Yuliya has ten years of experience coaching rhythmic gymnastics at all levels – from preschool to Junior Olympic, ages 3 to 18 – and it’s this love of connecting with students that first made her pursue tutoring. She has now been tutoring full-time for over half a decade, helping students with standardized tests as well as academic math and writing from elementary to high school levels. She has worked with a wide range of students (in terms of age, starting score, learning differences, and more), both one-on-one and in group settings, and she enjoys adapting her teaching style to fit the needs of each student or group. Her favorite approach to teach is problem-solving, which she believes is the basis for math fluency and the key to every standardized test.

When she’s not working with students, she is scoring PathFinder diagnostic tests and advising students on which test (ACT or SAT) is the best fit for them. She has also had experience with hiring and training new tutors, developing curricula, and writing tutoring materials.

Though Yuliya has had many students score in the 99th percentile on the SSAT and ISEE or go from 30s to 35s on the ACT, her proudest tutoring achievement was when a student raised her ACT score from 23 to 28 in only 10.5 hours of tutoring. This student came in with an open mind and fully committed herself to the task at hand despite having only one chance to take the official test during her senior year. Another proud moment was receiving the following note from the parent of a top-scoring SSAT student: “I don’t want to wrap [tutoring] up as you have been so amazing for her on so many levels beyond test prep. I truly appreciate the time you have spent with her and I know that she does as well. The most important thing you did for her was to point out that she should not apologize and that self-confidence is a good thing.”

When she’s not working, Yuliya is likely solving number or logic puzzles (kakuro, nonogram, and killer sudoku are her current favorites), playing board games, cross-stitching, or reading. She also loves to travel and even did a study abroad program in college that involved living in a 14th century medieval castle in the Netherlands.


Emerson College
Bachelor of Science in Marketing Communication, Minor in Writing


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Special Needs Skills