Jonathan Rosenthal, MD

Expert Science and Math Tutor, with a little yoga thrown in

11 Years Tutoring
New York, NY


Jonathan is a resident physician at NYU School of Medicine. He graduated with a Summa Cum Laude Bachelor of Science in Neural Science from NYU’s College of Arts and Science, and an Accelerated 3-Year MD from NYU’s School of Medicine. He views science and math as sophisticated languages for distilling the simple from the complex, and loves sharing his excitement for these fields.

After years of practicing and refining his studentship, he strives to share the tips and tricks he has learned to help students build their understanding. He believes that understanding is the goal, and tests are just a measure of understanding. The successful academic path is paved by placing the focus on understanding, not memorization, and removing any obstacles that impede the measurement of understanding (e.g. test anxiety).

He has been tutoring since 2010, and currently tutors biology, chemistry, physics, math through calculus, SAT, ACT, and MCAT.

As a yoga teacher, Jonathan has studied with Sri Dharma Mittra in New York City since 2011. He completed his 200 hour certification in June 2013 and has been teaching at the Dharma Yoga Center since. He includes mindfulness practices in sessions to improve student resilience, outlook, and performance.


“Jonathan is beyond amazing. Brilliant. We can’t be happier. My son is doing so much better than the beginning of the year. His new study techniques seem to be working. Thank you for helping him develop a new program to help him study.”

“Jon has been a tremendous help to us. We are very appreciative of all the time and hard work that Jonathan has extended to us this far. Thank you for helping us find such talent.”

“I took my math placement test, and was planning on taking regular precalculus, but I ended up getting not only above the average score on the test for regular precalc, but for honors too! So my math teacher ended up placing me in the honors precalc course this year, which is going to be really difficult but I think I am going to try it and see how it goes. The tutoring this summer definitely made that possible so thank you!!”

“My son has worked with several tutors – for the SAT, AP exams, subject tests. He is a top student and a very analytical kid with high scores on standardized testing. He ranked Jonathan far far above any of his prior tutors-for grasp of material, teaching style, organization and efficiency of teaching. Jonathan taught my son half of bio in 10 days with daily testing, quizzes and reading for the SAT subject test. Unbelievably my son had a great time (despite the fact that this was over a vacation), really enjoyed the sessions and aced the test. Jonathan is an exceptionally wonderful teacher! Your child will be lucky to have him!”

“Jonathan started as a tutor for my son who was beginning his Junior year of high school. He needed support with his AP Chem, Math and overall prepping and studying for ACT and SAT Subject tests. Jonathan immediately gained his trust by really teaching him deeper into the subjects at hand, which long term has really allowed him to excel. Jonathan is very thorough and thoughtful in his teaching. He was very honest up front about what kind of student he thought my son was & where he needed work; he found his strengths and worked lessons through from there; he improved my son’s confidence as a student in his most important year and he has seen dramatic results – from his highest ever GPA to higher than expected ACT scores. Moreover, Jonathan keeps him organized, focused and planning for the next study sessions and exams. Jonathan is also exceptionally caring for his students. My son has recommended Jonathan to his own friends – which I think speaks volumes. It is clear that Jonathan is very very smart, but he has the ability to teach others, which is a very different skill.”

“Jonathan is truly the best – he cares about all his students in a way like no other and his dedication to tutoring is remarkable. Thank you for all you do Jonathan! Forever thankful for your help and support”

“You’re an amazing teacher! I think I learned more in two weeks with you about bio (in general, not even necessarily relating to the test) than I did during year-long classes at school.”

“Jonathan tutored me for an SAT subject test over the course of about 2 months. Throughout these 2 months, I had a lot of fun, deepened my understanding for the subject, and most importantly gained the confidence I needed to do well on my subject test. I would definitely hire Jonathan again when taking another test because he had a huge impact on my test preparedness and my confidence going into the test. Jonathan is a truly exceptional tutor from his ability to make things fun and interesting, his flexibility in scheduling and style of learning, and his effectiveness. Something really great that Jonathan does is send questions over text to reinforce what you may have gone over that day or past tutoring sessions. 10/10 would recommend.”

“I saw Jonathan once every 1-2 weeks and I would definitely hire him again. He was truly exceptional in the sense that I really enjoyed working with him because of how interested he seemed in the material. The eagerness to learn/teach radiated from Jonathan. Jonathan was a better tutor than I could have dreamed for and I am extremely happy that he made this process somewhat enjoyable and human (as opposed to robotic). Also, he was always perfectly on time and always responded to texts quickly.”

“I hired Jonathan as an SAT tutor for my son. I would most definitely hire him again. He was truly exceptional in his ability to connect with my son and meet him at his level. He made him completely comfortable with taking risks and learning. He gave clear and concise techniques to solve problems and to understand the material. He came into my son’s life at a potentially stressful time and made the entire experience stress-free!!! He is a gentle and calm soul with tons of knowledge and skill. Anyone who hires him will be thrilled with the results.”

“Jonathan was my MCAT tutor for several weeks remotely while I was studying at college. While I was facing what seemed like a monster exam while also handling a full course load at school, Jonathan served as an incredible resource and, notably, a huge source of support. I would absolutely hire Jonathan again because he was an incredible tutor. Not only was he knowledgable about so many aspects of the exam, but he took special care to pick up patterns on my learning style and offer me the best advice on how to most productively use the study time I had. He was diligent and organized, helping me not only with information but also with study tactics. He even helped with decisions regarding test dates and application cycles, all the while maintaining a strong sense of hope and optimism that I would succeed to my fullest ability. Jonathan nurtured the curious side of me that loved learning the exam material and truly made me feel excited to study. He is incredible!”

“Jonathan aided me in my journey in studying for the MCAT. He was my tutor for two and a half months; we met essentially every week up until my MCAT. I would hire Jonathan one hundred times over! He was the best decision I ever made in studying for the MCAT. He had the best impact on me. He not only greatly boosted my knowledge of MCAT topics, but he gave me the confidence and positive mental framework to get where I wanted to be. He was truly exceptional. His knowledge and willingness to work with me made a stressful situation so much more bearable. He almost made MCAT studying enjoyable by pushing me in a productive way each and every week to inch closer and closer to my goal. Please take advantage of this amazing opportunity to learn about yourself but also get the best MCAT tutoring out there. Jonathan started out as my tutor but truly became a mentor and friend and someone who I will always be grateful for!”


New York University
Bachelor of Science, Neural Science, Minor in Classics, Chemistry

New York University Doctor of Medicine


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