Manuel Maturana

New York's preeminent physics, math and language tutor

11 Years Tutoring
New York, NY


I moved to New York from Colombia at the age of 12 and have since then lived in the big apple. I attended Columbia University and majored in Applied Physics. My high school and college experience taught me to appreciate the value and role of education in shaping the mind of young adults. While in college I began tutoring and mentoring children in mathematics, science and the higher education process. During that time I realized that my calling involved teaching and helping those in need of academic assistance. For the last ten years I’ve specialized in tutoring middle and high school students in all areas of math, chemistry, biology, physics and spanish. In addition I’ve developed a wide range of experience helping students manuever through the intricate curriculum of New York’s most proficient high schools, including but not limited to institutions like Trinity, Riverdale and Horace Mann. My students have been able to achieve and surpass their goals throughout the years and my goal is to continue to do this for as long as I can.


Columbia University
Bachelor of Science, Applied Physics, Minor in Applied Math


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