Conor Ahern

Harvard-educated lawyer and LSAT expert and law school admissions consultant

6 Years Tutoring
Washington, DC


Although many people think otherwise, the LSAT is not an intelligence test. Your path to success is about recognizing its secrets and tricks and avoiding them, and I am here to help guide you all the way. I have helped hundreds of students through my emphasis on fundamentals, critical reading, and question identification. Taking the best lessons from the LSAT Trainer, the PowerScore Bibles, and other materials, I teach my students how to understand what they’re being asked at a deep level, and to dispatch the most difficult questions methodically and with confidence, in a way that minimizes self-doubt and maximizes speed and accuracy. And I try to tutor the LSAT in a relatable, lighthearted way that hopefully makes it less painful and more rewarding.

Through my tailored method, I have helped LSAT takers improve by more than 20 points and get into the law schools of their dreams. In addition to LSAT tutoring, I also help with application questions and essays. Many of my LSAT pupils have shown improvements of 10+ points in their scores after only a few sessions, and have been admitted to Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, NYU, UCLA, Fordham, Cornell, Georgetown, Penn, Chicago and other top law schools.

Feel free to reach out, know that you can master the LSAT with the right direction, and good luck to you no matter what!


University of Virginia Bachelor of Arts, History, 2007

Harvard Law School Juris Doctor, 2015


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