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Craig Cartier is an inspiring London-based tutor of GMAT, ACT, and SAT who uses his background in technology, business, and sports to bring the best out of his students. For over fifteen years, Craig’s coaching has helped clients earn top scores and win admission to top 20 MBA and world-class undergraduate programs worldwide, with a particular focus in Europe. He believes that with the right preparation, focus, desire, and of course, the right tutor, anyone can reach his or her exam goals. The owner of a 99th percentile score in the GMAT, ACT, and SAT, he also believes that more important than the score of a tutor is his/her ability to connect with, inspire, and instill confidence in students. His favorite part of tutoring is getting a celebratory beer (or fruit smoothie, as the situation requires) when a student makes it into a top tier school. Craig is not a math tutor, not an English tutor, but an Exam tutor: a specialist in preparing students for GMAT/ACT/SAT success with personalised attention.

Though his students have attended top business schools around the world, Craig is particularly proud of his success with top European schools like London Business School, INSEAD, IESE and ESADE. He has lived in Europe for 10 years, and does his best to pretend to speak Spanish and Polish, along with his native English. Now based in London, he has vowed never to use the word “trousers” out loud.

An All-Big 12 1500m runner at Iowa State University, Craig earned his degree in Computer Engineering before embarking on a global career in the Telecommunications and Technology industry. A 2014 graduate of the ESADE MBA, he especially values the amazing experiences, relationships, mindset development, and general craziness that an MBA offers.


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