Vanessa Feng

STEM tutor

New York, NY


Vanessa discovered her passion for teaching the first time she tutored, tutoring Geometry as a precocious 9th grader. Since then, she has accrued thousands of hours of teaching experience over more than a decade covering a variety of STEM courses, including Organic Chemistry, Genetics, Quantum Chemistry and Biochemistry at the college level, and high school Pre-Calculus, AP Physics, AP Calculus, AP Chemistry and AP Biology. In her journey to become a better educator, Vanessa has studied pedagogy to better cater her teaching styles to individual students’ needs and ensure they get the most from their learning experience.

Vanessa strives to help students understand rather than simply memorize the material, and helps students develop independent and effective studying strategies. Vanessa has tutored and is comfortable working with students of all ages. Having herself overcome issues with ADHD, Vanessa is uniquely experienced in providing and implementing strategies that circumvent studying issues students with ADHD may often encounter.

Vanessa has extensive experience not only reviewing material and clarifying concepts with students, but also introducing new subject matter to students who wish to be proactive with their coursework. This includes designing and teaching entire courses in an accelerated format to help students skip ahead. Although she prefers to work with students by meeting regularly so as to develop a good rapport and a better understanding of their learning style, Vanessa is also available for review sessions just before an exam.

Vanessa is currently finishing up her PhD in Chemistry at Princeton University, where she also tutors and serves as a teaching assistant in introductory chemistry courses. She plans to enter medical school next year, and having scored in the 99th percentile on the MCAT, is well-equipped to help others prepare for the exam.

In her free time, Vanessa puts her extreme focus skills and attention to detail to more artistic endeavors – knitting her friends rad beanies and making animal-themed construction paper cards.



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