Theresa Burns

Expert test prep tutor and theatre professional. My specialty: helping students who think they are "bad test takers" get the scores they want. Every student can learn to be a good test taker.

12 Years Tutoring
New York, NY


Theresa Burns is a native New Yorker who started tutoring her fellow theatre kids in math and science while she was in high school. She continued to tutor through college, where she earned her BFA in Drama from NYU. She now works professionally both as a tutor and as a performer, director, and choreographer in theatre, film, and TV.

Theresa has worked with students as young as 9 and as old as 22. Her style is warm, engaging, funny, and direct. Her students come to her with all different learning styles, accommodations, learning disabilities, and beliefs about their abilities. She specializes in working with students with test anxiety. Her favorite thing about tutoring is showing students who identify as “bad test takers” that test taking is actually a learned skill-if they are willing to change the way they take the test, they can become excellent test takers and move their scores.

If she had to pick her proudest tutoring moment, it would be helping one of her students go from a 21 on the ACT to a 35. She’s proud of her student’s score jump, but even more proud that she helped this student go from “I’m just not a math and science person—I’m not good at those subjects and I’m a bad test taker” to “I CAN do math and science really well and test taking is learnable, I just needed to change the story I was telling myself about those subjects.”


New York University Tisch School of the Arts. BFA in Drama


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