Grace Oberhofer

Creative, Veteran Educator for All Ages

11 Years Tutoring
Crown Heights, NY


Grace Oberhofer is a Brooklyn-based educator for academic and arts-based learning. She first developed her passion for teaching at the ripe age of 14, working as a dance instructor for ages 3-11. Her work in education expanded continuously through her time at Tufts University, and she now has over 10 years experience in individualized, tailored instruction.

As an instructor, Grace balances the needs of the learner, parent and academic material to create a positive learning environment that challenges the learner to continually strive for success. Her work with the Metropolitan Opera Guild has strengthened her commitment to creative problem solving and critical thinking throughout all of her educational practice. She has taught hundreds of students in math, language, reading comprehension, SAT/ACT, and a myriad of other standardized tests.

As an artist, Grace uses exploratory learning and clear communication to perform and compose for musical theater and large-scale operatic works. Her artistic practice is intertwined with her emphasis on education, and she has passed on her experience in voice, sound improvisation, mime, and composition in both k-12 and university contexts.


Tufts University
Bachelor of Arts, Music, Minor in Italian Studies


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Special Needs Skills