Charlie Bardey

Experienced and Fun SAT/ACT and Subject Tutor

Crown Heights, NY


“Growing up in Manhattan, Charlie attended Hunter College High School throughout middle and high school. There, he developed a love for the learning made possible in a rigorous academic culture, as well as an awareness of how the challenges of such a high-pressure environment can become stifling. This sparked the beginning of Charlie’s educational career, tutoring peers as a peer mentor, and leading workshops on bullying and bias. Charlie continued this work at Yale, teaching in a wide variety of contexts, including in workshops about bystander intervention and consent, as a peer tutor, at a youth prison, and most recently, in Zhengzhou, China as part of the US-China Elite University Colloquy.

At Yale, when he wasn’t acting in his role as an educator, Charlie spent his time studying, writing for the Yale Herald, acting, and performing stand-up and sketch comedy. His dual comedy and teaching experience has confirmed that, as a rule, the best work is collaborative, fun, and occurs when you meet someone where they are at, rather than where you want them to be. As such, Charlie works to build close relationships with students, encouraging a sense of their own capacity to reach their full potential. As someone who has studied and excelled in a broad range of academic fields, Charlie is a firm believer that any subject can be made interesting. When tutoring standardized tests, Charlie helps students unlock and understand the test inside and out, and find the best preparation strategies on an individual basis. When working with students on their college essays, Charlie helps them find subjects they are excited to write about, and supports them in finding their own natural voice.

When he’s not tutoring, Charlie can be found performing stand-up comedy around the city, biking down the Hudson River, or missing his subway stop because he is too engrossed in his book.

Technical stuff:
Yale, 2017, major in American Studies, graduated with Distinction in major, GPA of 3.8, recipient of Mellon Fellowship, 2016,; 800 on SAT Reading, 760 on SAT Math, 780 on SAT Writing; 800 on Math II SAT Subject Test, 750 on Biology SAT Subject Test; Score of 5 on AP exams in BC Calculus, US History, Biology, and Psychology; Winner of the “”all school”” award and top awards in Math, English, Social Studies, Biology and Theater at Hunter College High School.”



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