Steven Brachman


16 Years Tutoring
Boca Raton, FL


A veteran test-prep tutor who taught his first classroom course in 1997, Steven has focused almost exclusively on the GMAT since 2008. Apart from possessing comprehensive classroom teaching experience beyond the formal GMAT course that included all workshops, numerous marketing events and significant content creation, Steven has worked with hundreds of aspiring B-School applicants on a customized one-on-one tutoring basis in helping them reach their goals and earn admission to their targeted schools.

As the author of a GMAT Math Foundation book, Steven is convinced that far too many GMAT students remain woefully unprepared on test-day when it comes to possessing the requisite foundation of quant fundamentals that must be firmly entrenched prior to positioning oneself for a potentially elite score. Given the adaptive nature of the GMAT, this is essential, because if a student isn’t getting the vast majority of 5-600 level questions right – the test won’t even ask the 700-level questions. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to make certain that your fundamental algebra, geometry, fractions/decimals/percents, number properties, exponent rules, coordinate geometry, foundational data sufficiency, and much much more are on solid ground before tackling more intricate problems involving overlapping sets, combinations, permutations, probability, rates, advanced geometry, and so forth.

However, once the foundation is in place, it quickly becomes time to raise the stakes. Students are furnished with a comprehensive array of the FASTEST and MOST EFFICIENT approaches that can be successfully applied to medium and high level difficulty questions, leading to correct answers in the required two minutes or less. You’ll take the right practice tests in between sessions and we’ll review them closely, extracting something from virtually every question, whether you got it right or wrong. When a student masters a comprehensive repertoire of systematic and efficient approaches that can be deployed on demand in a timely manner as each specific question type warrants, GMAT scores go higher.

The GMAT does not have to be intimidating and the test is not out to trick us. However, the test-writers are in the habit of rewarding alertness and precision. This is a crucial distinction that successful students internalize early on in their process.

A native New Yorker who has lived in four of the five boroughs, Steven has recently relocated to DelRay Beach, Florida, and is available now for remote GMAT tutoring. Additionally, given that the GMAT resides between the GRE (the two exams share massive quant overlap) and the LSAT (significant overlap with critical reasoning/logical reasoning and reading comp) and his substantial experience in tutoring both, Steven is currently opening his book to GRE and LSAT students, as well.


The University of Michigan
Bachelor of Arts, Economics


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