Priya Bhatia

Test-Prep Whiz (GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT) and Math/Science Tutor Extraordinaire

15 Years Tutoring
Austin, TX


“Pri Bhat is a rock-star educator/tutor with an extensive background in teaching, a track-record of success, and passion for spurring “”aha”” moments – when concepts tie together and things make sense for the first time – for her students.

In high school, Pri won many national and international science scholarships and awards (including Intel Science Talent Search and Intel Science and Engineering Fair). She earned a B.S. in Chemical Physics from the Rice University Honors Scholars Program, and won an award for her research in nanotechnology. In addition to teaching, Pri has worked as a nanotech scientist researching infrared sensing properties of carbon nanotubes.

Her interest in teaching was initially sparked in college after she saw first-hand how many students drop out of chemistry, physics and math classes confused and discouraged from further study. She decided to make it her mission to translate these subjects into a language that people can understand (and even enjoy!).

Over the past 12 years, Pri has taught college statistics, high school physics and math (Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus and Statistics) and GMAT, GRE, SAT and ACT prep courses (Quant and Verbal sections) in a classroom setting. She’s also tutored hundreds of students one-on-one in test-prep, physics, math and chemistry through the college-level. Pri’s students connect with her approachable, down-to-earth personality and enjoy her hands-on, engaging teaching style.

Since 2014, she has specialized in all things GMAT, helping students navigate this logical, nuanced, quirky test.
She designed curricula and taught intensive (20-hr per week) GMAT classes at an international school to students of all levels from around the globe, edited Official Guide question for GMAC, wrote GMAT Quant questions and taught the Manhattan and Veritas curricula. Pri earned a score of 760 (99th%) on the exam. Her students have been admitted to top schools such as Harvard Business School, the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and Wharton School of Business.

Pri’s tutoring approach is systematic, organized, and thorough. Regardless of where her clients begin, she devises a step-by-step plan to help them reach their target. She offers a customized curriculum, targeted homework assignments, full-access to a library of the best prep books available, and performance analytics so clients can measure their progress over time as they work with Pri.

Pri takes immense satisfaction in helping her students excel. There is no experience more rewarding than coaching a student from a place of anxiety and frustration to confidence and mastery. Watching her students go on to conquer the GMAT, GRE, SAT or ACT and gain admission to their dream schools, or master math and physics is the reason Pri does this full-time!

In her spare time, Pri enjoys painting and cuddling with her 105-lb German Shepherd mix, Teddy. She also takes math and physics courses through Coursera and EdX for fun.”


Rice University Bachelor of Science, Chemical Physics


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