Gary Steinberg

New York's Foremost Multidisciplinary Tutor

New York, NY


Gary Steinberg is one of New York’s most experienced, broadly knowledgeable, and capable tutors. With decades of experience, a powerful intellect, and refined communication skills, he can tailor his approach to meet the distinct needs of students in a range of subjects, from SSAT to ACT, from LSAT to GMAT, from math to physics, and from Latin to Ancient Greek.

Gary started tutoring informally back in high school, helping friends and classmates at his public high school in western New Jersey, where he grew up. During a summer program before his senior year, he found a real talent for tutoring Harvard students in Calculus and Physics. Then, with an undergraduate degree in Physics and Ancient Greek and a graduate degree in Physics, both from Ohio University, Gary spent several years working in the Physics Department at Columbia University, both as an Adjunct Professor and as a Lecture Demonstration Coordinator. In 2003, he began tutoring professionally, and he has never looked back.

Gary enjoys the variety he finds in his diverse tutoring practice: the many subjects he teaches; the intellectual challenges of the material; the constant adaptation and refinement of pedagogy; and the countless ways that students understand and incorporate knowledge.

When he is not tutoring, Gary enjoys skiing, piano, and math puzzles. He is an avid reader who is currently enjoying the works of authors like Philip K. Dick, George Eliot, and Shakespeare. He has traveled widely, in particular to Greece and Ireland, where the cultures hold significant academic or personal interest. He is a devoted husband, Bronx resident, and loving father of Zachary, who at a mere eighteen months of age is altogether too young for test prep.



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