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At Inspirica, our work centers on building the confidence and habits each student needs to meet any challenge head-on. For nearly four decades, we’ve worked with every type of student in every academic circumstance, so from staff to tutors, our approach is grounded in the simple fact that each student and family is unique. We offer both small-group and one-on-one options for students on a variety of timelines and budgets, with programs starting as low as $120. So whatever your goals, with hard work and Inspirica’s help, your best score is within reach.

Take the guesswork out of test selection with our Agnostic Diagnostic, then select from one of our six one-on-one and small-group prep options. Whether you’re looking for self-paced or tutor-guided, in-depth or a quick review, we’ve got something perfect for you. Prices start as low as $249.
Inspirica offers online test prep for ISEE and SSAT students of all levels anywhere in the world. No matter which schools your child is applying to, what scores they need, or what their learning style is, we’re here to help. Small group and one-on-one packages starting as low as $695!
If you’re applying to grad school, chances are you’ve got a lot on your plate. That’s why our programs prioritize flexibility and customization on the way to getting you the best possible score in the shortest possible time. No matter your schedule, score goals, or timeline, we’ve got you covered.

Math homework help, essay writing, and more... Inspirica's New Online Tutoring Center

We started nearly 40 years ago as an academic tutoring company, so we have literally decades of experience helping students get the best grades possible while developing an appreciation for the class material along the way.

Our academic programs are designed with all different types of students and deadlines in mind. So whether you’re cramming for tomorrow’s math test or getting a head start on the application essay that’s due in six months, we’ve got your back.

Is this your first time going through the admissions process? Are you a seasoned veteran who knows the ropes but needs some support? Whatever your situation, we’re here to help.

Our Approach to Test Prep

When you work with Inspirica, you get more than a great tutor: you get a team of people committed to helping you succeed. From test selection and program design to tutor matching and proprietary curricula, our team is committed to leaving a lasting impact on every family with whom we have the privilege to work.