What You Need to Know About SAT Test Prep Online

A lot has changed this year. You might be back in school right now, or you might be learning from home. You might even be doing both, at least for a while. But no matter where you are, you probably aren’t psyched about the idea of leaving your house to meet in person with a tutor to work on SAT test prep for a few hours a week. The good news is that you don’t have to: SAT test prep online is a perfectly viable option, and for some students, it might even be better than traditional in-home or at-the-library tutoring.

If there’s one thing that being locked down has taught us, it’s that some things are better off online. At Inspirica, we believe test prep is one of those things. Online SAT test prep has allowed us to connect world-class tutors with people all over the world–something that would have been impossible before the Internet. If you’re stuck at home but want to get started on your SAT prep online, here’s what you need to know and what you need to look for.


What to Look For in an SAT Test Prep Online Program


When you look for an online SAT test prep program, you’re looking for two things: flexibility and reliability. That means you’ll want to evaluate an online SAT test prep course on those two criteria first, and then think about things like scheduling and budget.

Flexible Test Prep

Flexibility is important for a lot of reasons, but it’s even more important now than it was last year. With test dates changing constantly and test centers closing without warning, many students are in constant uncertainty about their SAT.

With stories like these, it’s clear that you want an SAT online prep program to be as flexible as possible. If you’re not sure when you’re testing, or if you’ve just signed up for multiple test dates in the hopes of keeping one or more of them, you need an online prep program that offers you choice. You’re looking for programs that:

  • Can be completed at your own pace, whether that is very fast or rather slow
  • Contain self-directed materials and instruction, such as video lessons
  • Have a clear schedule of homework and expectations
  • Allow you to choose when to meet and who you meet with

If you have a busy schedule, this becomes even more important. A program that allows you to choose when you meet and who you meet with is a great advantage for a busy student. At Inspirica, we have two main online SAT test prep programs that fit the bill:

  • Flex Prep is a month-long program (that you have three months to complete) with weekly small-group live classes, a an-demand video library, and a free private session with a tutor of your choice
  • Dynamic Prep is a two-month-long program (that you have six months to complete) that is half online small-group classes and half private lessons with a tutor of your choice and at a time of your choice

Either program is a good choice for a busy student or a student who wants strictly online SAT test prep. If that doesn’t fit what you’re looking for, though, keep reading.

Reliable Test Prep

Reliability has always been important for students seeking test prep, and this year is no exception. When I say reliability, I mean that you want results. If you’re going to put in the time, effort, and money to work on improving your test scores, you want to see some improvement, right? The most reliable way to raise your test scores is the same as its always been: to work closely with a tutor and practice consistently each week. Any online SAT prep program that you invest in should show these signs of reliability:

  • A way to track your results so you can see data about your improvement
  • The ability to meet with the same tutor and build an academic relationship
  • A step-by-step plan for your progress
  • The best materials for you to spend time with

A reliable online SAT test prep program doesn’t need to have all four of these, but the best ones will. At Inspirica, we have two main online SAT test prep programs that meet all four of these requirements:

  • Elite Prep is a ten-week program that includes ten private lessons with a tutor of your choice and access to an online testing platform that allows you and your tutor to track your results
  • Premier Prep is a fully customized and open-ended program with a tutor of your choice, built around you and your academic needs, with no time limit and no restrictions

Both of these programs are good choices for students who want a reliable online SAT test prep program and a solid score.


Registering For the SAT This Year


It’s been a tough year for test prep. Even students who were lucky enough to stumble into excellent SAT test prep online had their tests canceled or moved. This year, being ready for the test isn’t just about your own personal prep. After all, the best prep won’t help you if you can’t test. That’s why we’re advising our student to sign up early and sign up often for test dates–even if you don’t think you’ll test at all of them. This summer, our students who signed up for more than one test date were often able to make at least one of them. It’s always best to have a backup plan.

For more information on test center closings and cancellations, check out our news breakdown.

Get Started with SAT Test Prep Online


If you are ready to take the plunge and begin an SAT test prep program online, we’re here to help! You can take a look at any of the links to the classes above, our small-group prep pages, or our one-on-one prep to get started. We hope to see you in class!