“Sarah Is Unmatched In Dedication And Skill Level.”

Noodle Pro Sarah Sirota tutored siblings who attended an academically challenging high school. Their parents credit Sarah with ACT prep, academic tutoring in multiple subjects, and help with Senior Honors Theses and college essays.

“Sarah first worked for us as a tutor for high school English when my daughter was a sophomore. My daughter is now a junior in college. We were aware of Sarah’s fine reputation as an excellent tutor, and we wanted our daughter to become accustomed to Sarah’s tutoring style, as well as develop a relationship with Sarah, prior to the standardized test preparation that awaited her. Sarah reviewed essays for my daughter, as well as providing her with assistance which allowed my daughter to become a more creative thinker and writer.

Sarah continued to tutor my daughter in English through her AP class during her junior year, as well as provide insight, inspiration, and encouragement, which helped my daughter decide to complete a Senior Honors Thesis and be able to successfully defend her work. The transformation of my daughter’s writing ability and style from the beginning of high school to college has been both remarkable and a direct result of Sarah’s continued dedication to my daughter’s improvement in this area.

As a standardized test preparation tutor, Sarah is unmatched in both dedication and skill level.

Sarah initially tutored my daughter for the SATs. When we received the results, Sarah decided to refocus on ACT prep. In the interim, she also tutored my daughter for the SAT Math Level II Subject test. Sarah alternated her time with my daughter on all of the ACT subjects, challenging her with problems from study guides, as well as additional material. My daughter took the ACTs three times, and with Sarah’s help and guidance, improved her scores each time.

Sarah always called my daughter the day before each important assessment to continue to provide tips, reminders, and encouragement.

Sarah also tutored our younger son, who started with Sarah in the spring term of his sophomore year. Sarah tutored him in English, which also continued into his junior year of AP English. She also tutored him in advanced AP math subjects, including Algebra II with Trig, Pre-Calculus AB and Calculus. Sarah also encouraged our son to write a Senior Honors Thesis and successfully defend it.

Both of my children attended the same academically challenging high school. Sarah’s impact as an exceptional tutor, counselor, and adviser for my children is impossible to quantify.

It is also impossible to overstate the impact Sarah had on both myself and my husband, always willing to educate us and provide us with advice and counseling about the college process and test preparation.

I have recommended Sarah to numerous friends throughout the last several years. She is both professional and personable, as well as highly intelligent and imaginative.”

Sarah Sirota is located in New York. She tutors the SAT, ACT, ISEE, and SSAT.