“They Have A Better Understanding Of The Tests.”

Noodle Pro Marguerita Merrick has been tutoring for 12 years. She helped siblings prep for the SHSAT, SAT, and ACT.

“Marguerita worked with all my children over 3-4 years. She had a wonderful way working with teenagers and presented a calm and thoughtful demeanor.

Each session was constructive, teaching test strategies and study tools. Since all three were away at boarding school they would communicate through Skype. She was reliable keeping in touch and scheduling appointments. She was straightforward and motivated them to do the practice tests, which is not fun with homework and activities.

My oldest daughter had sessions for editing her college essay and working on the ACT test. She had a super busy scheduled at Deerfield, two varsity sports and she did not leave much time for test prep, which she realized was not the best strategy if she could do it over. Marguerita started to work with her around August of her senior year and was so helpful getting the sessions in her schedule. Her test scores went up and she went to Hamilton early decision.

For my son, she helped him prep for about a month for the NYC Specialized High School Test where he scored very well. He took the December SAT in his junior year and then the January test using her strategies. His scores improved, especially with having a better understanding of the scoring for the writing section. He went to Stuyvesant in NYC for one year, then to Pomfret and early decision to Dartmouth starting this week class of 2021.

My oldest is a senior she may want to take GMATS. I have suggested Marguerita to colleagues, one was a foreign student for US college applications.

She had a positive impact on each child, they are very different students but they each were able to improve their test scores but most important they have a better understanding of the tests.”

Noodle Pro Marguerita Merrick is located in New York, NY and available online. She tutors the SAT, ACT, College Essays, Literature, French, and the GRE.

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