Best LSAT Prep Third-Party Materials

Let’s get this out of the way: your primary LSAT prep books should be the official LSAC PrepTests. By using actual released LSATs, you are giving yourself the best opportunity to familiarize yourself with real questions. But simply taking LSAT practice tests without getting learning strategy is not an effective use of your time. Whether you’re preparing by yourself or working with one of our online LSAT tutors, you’ll want to know how to make use of the best LSAT prep from non-official sources. We’ve compiled a mini-review of the best LSAT prep books and LSAT practice tests. Spoiler alert: PowerScore is going to be your new best friend.

Best LSAT Prep for Logic Games

PowerScore Logic Games Bible

Whenever I start taking about this book it always turns a bit into a best man’s wedding speech. “What don’t I have to say about the PowerScore Logic Games Bible?” Since Logic Games (a.k.a., Analytical Reasoning) is the most (in)famous section on the LSAT, and the one that makes the most students quiver in their WFH slippers, mastering this section should be very high on your priority list. Fortunately, this section is also by far the most coachable, and I always recommend this book as a first line supplement to my students. Due to the Logic Games making up 33% of your score on the LSAT-Flex, rather than 25% on the in-person LSAT, you need to put even more time into beating this section.


The PowerScore Logic Games Bible (LBG) takes an in-depth look into every type of game possible on the LSAT. Each chapter focuses on a specific game type and walks you through how to diagram, make deductions, and build a foundation for other games. You’ll then work through various drills and practice problems to solidify the concepts. Once you’ve mastered the games, you’ll then apply the skills you learned to your PrepTests.

Mastering Logic Games requires a rigorous, detailed prep plan, but once you understand how to approach each game type, you are well on your way to nailing this section. Even if you’re working with one of our tutors, to fully master this section you need to put in plenty of time between sessions. The LGB provides the exact structured framework you need to go into the most structured, detailed section of the LSAT.


There is no fair comparison to this book. It’s the best LSAT prep book for Logic Games, bar none. Go with the best—you won’t regret it.

Best LSAT Prep for Logical Reasoning

PowerScore Logical Reasoning Bible

Pop quiz: what are the four families and 13+ question types on Logical Reasoning? If you don’t know the answer off the top of your head, this next book is going to change that fast. Logical Reasoning has been the core of the LSAT for decades. Nailing this section is essential to getting a score you can be proud of. With a primer on formal logic, conditional reasoning, and an abundance of practice exercises liable to make your head spin, you cannot go wrong with the best LSAT prep book for Logical Reasoning.

I often tell my students that LSAT logic is somewhere between “real world” logic and formal logic. Even if you have a pure logic background, there are plenty of nuances your logic classes won’t have covered that the LSAC employs to make this section more difficult. And for the majority of students who have never cracked a logic textbook, this book covers all of the essential logical forms and conditional relationships you need in an easy-to-read, accessible format perfect for beginners. Regardless of your background, this book can help you knock out the Logical Reasoning section.


As I said, there really are four families and 13+ question types on the Logical Reasoning, each of which requires a different strategy. The PowerScore LSAT prep strategy relies heavily on giving you a methodical toolkit for anything that may appear on test day. This LSAT prep book is no different. You start the book learning how to identify each question type and put it into a given family, which informs the relationship between the argument and the answer choices. Then, the fun begins. Each chapter takes a deep dive into a particular question type, walking you through key strategies, practice exercises, and, most importantly, exactly why the wrong answers are wrong.


Hands down the best LSAT prep book for Logical Reasoning. Though it may seem overwhelming at first, once you get the fundamentals down, this book will be your go-to for getting into the nitty-gritty of the section. Make sure to apply what you’ve learned to timed LSAT practice tests to see the best results.

Best LSAT Prep for Reading Comprehension

Manhattan Prep LSAT Reading Comprehension

Fully updated for the digital LSAT, Manhattan Prep’s reading comprehension text is a gold standard for improving this section. There is a common misconception that LSAT reading comprehension is not coachable—not true! You can absolutely improve your reading comprehension score with dedicated practice, and Manhattan Prep makes the best LSAT prep book for the section. Since strategies students may have utilized for your SAT or ACT are largely moot for the LSAT, it is essential to learn how to read specifically for the LSAT, and Manhattan Prep has you covered. With a glut of practice problems, drills, and strategy in an approachable format, I cannot recommend this LSAT prep book enough.


Broken into three main sections, this book is well formatted and easy to use. The very first section focuses on rethinking how you read. The LSAT has a brutal time crunch and extremely detailed questions, a recipe for careless mistakes. Manhattan Prep’s reading comprehension guide teaches you to identify the scale and importance of information as you read, allowing you to save time and improve your accuracy. After you learn to read all over again, you move into the second section.

Part two covers the question types with drills for each, followed by tools for process of elimination. There are four wrong answers and only one correct answer. Being able to confidently identify and eliminate wrong answers allows you to get to the correct answer faster than trying to find justification for every answer choice first.

Finally, part three takes you deep into the weeds, addressing timing, comparison passages, and the edge cases that don’t fit into the structures identified in part two.


Manhattan Prep LSAT Reading Comprehension is easily the most readable and approachable LSAT reading comprehension guide on the market right now. It goes in-depth without becoming too abstract, which is why it edges out the PowerScore Reading Comprehension Bible for best LSAT prep book for reading comprehension.

(Editor’s Note: This book has been removed from Manhattan’s website, but can still be found on Amazon at time of writing.)

Best LSAT Prep for Beginners

The LSAT Trainer by Mike Kim

If you are just getting started with LSAT prep and are feeling overwhelmed, The LSAT Trainer is a phenomenal resource. While it will not go nearly as in-depth on each section as PowerScore LSAT prep, it is a great starting place to get a top-down view of the exam. This is a good place to start before moving onto the PowerScore Bibles for their deep-dives into the specifics.


The LSAT Trainer is a textbook style LSAT prep book. It consists of 32 lessons which, upon completion, cover all three sections of the LSAT. Additionally, it includes 200 real LSAT practice questions. These lessons are bite-sized and integrate plenty of useful tips and tricks for every section. Consistently billed as easy to read, The LSAT Trainer is a great way to get your feet wet with LSAT prep books without feeling intimidated by sheer content.


For newbies to the test, this is the best LSAT prep book to begin with. Even those who have more experience with other LSAT prep books are likely to find The LSAT Trainer’s easy-to-read format and clear instructions incredibly beneficial.

Best LSAT Prep Tool for LSAT Practice Tests

PowerScore LSAT Testing and Digital Analytics Package

Sure, you could buy paper version of the LSAC PrepTests, but you’d have to score them yourself and do your own analytics, plus your actual LSAT won’t be on paper. We live in a digital age, so let’s act like it. Enter PowerScore’s LSAT Testing and Digital Analytics Package. With automatic scoring and personalized analytics, plus individual practice sections for different question types and test sections, all pulled from official PrepTests, you couldn’t find a better online tool for your LSAT practice tests.

Since the LSAC has so generously released all of two LSAT-Flex practice tests, students have to get creative to get a true immersive LSAT-Flex experience. Fortunately, PowerScore provides PrepTests 40-89 in Flex format. In order to use PowerScore’s subscription-based service ($19.99/month for a minimum of two months, or $69.99/year), you will need to purchase the LSAT Prep Plus Subscription for $99. I argue that this cost is more than worth it. The LSAC will provide a score for you, but it won’t give you analytics or offer more than two LSAT practice tests in Flex format. With PowerScore’s toolkit, you will have access to all of the available PrepTests for timed and untimed practice, in the same format you will see on test day.


If you could only choose two things for your test prep, it should be the PowerScore LSAT Testing and Digital Analytics Package and an LSAT Prep Plus Subscription. Taking LSAT practice tests under test conditions truly is the backbone of LSAT preparation, and this is the best LSAT prep online tool you can get.

As you can see, there is a bevy of phenomenal LSAT prep books and tools available to you. However, simply reading textbooks isn’t going to get you to the score you want. You need to be willing and able to put the work in, either independently or with one of our experienced LSAT tutors. To learn more about InspiricaPros’ approach to LSAT test prep, give us a call today.

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