ACT Scores: Why Aren’t They Displaying?

If you were anxiously awaiting your ACT scores today but were met with blank sections and error messages, you are not alone.

ACT is experiencing display problems on some sections for some students. There is no uniform explanation on what scores are not showing or for which students. Currently, ACT said they don’t know how many students are affected, but that the problem does not appear to be widespread.

The good news? The scores you can see, including your composite score, are correct. If you are waiting on a Science score only, you can rest easy knowing that all the scores you do see are complete and correct. ACT said this is not a scoring or calculation issue, but a display issue. Its IT department is working on the problem.

While yes, the problem is being addressed, there is no time frame for when complete scores will be released. ACT said they hope to have the issue resolved late this afternoon/early evening and that the best thing students can do is continue to log in and see whether their complete scores have been displayed.

We will update this post with any further information we receive.

Update: As of 3:50 pm EST, ACT says the issue has been resolved and all scores are displaying properly.

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