Super Scoring the SSAT: What You Need to Know

A very common question from parents and students regards “super scoring” the SSAT test and the process of sending scores in general. “Super scoring”, or superscoring, refers to the process of combining section scores from multiple test administrations into one score that is calculated using the best component scores from all tests taken. This is a practice that has been gaining popularity in recent years among standardized testing organizations and the schools that use them.

Sending Scores

When registering for an SSAT test, parents have the option of choosing schools to receive scores automatically or choosing to send scores manually. The full score reports for each administration that is selected will be sent to schools—in other words, schools will see all sections from a given test, you can’t pick and choose individual section scores to send. To the benefit of the students, the SSAT does not show the number of times that a student has taken the SSAT on the score report. In a similar manner, schools do not know whether any student has taken the test with accommodations.

The EMA, the company that creates and manages the SSAT, unfortunately does not superscore the SSAT. However, while the EMA does not superscore the test internally, many schools will do so themselves as part of their own admissions process, and that number has grown in recent years. Therefore, it is very important that any parent or student wondering about superscoring the SSAT reach out to the admissions offices of the schools that they plan on applying to. Even if a school does not superscore, it is generally in your student’s best interest to take the test multiple times: many students perform better upon repeat testing, and improvement from one test date to the second may be appealing to schools during the admissions process.

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