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If you’re pre-med or post-bac, you’re used to hard work and long hours. And if you’re preparing to take the MCAT in 2018 or 2019, those long hours are about to be… longer. But don’t panic — prep! Jumpstart your summer MCAT studies with four free webinars from top MCAT tutor, Noodle Pro Doug McLemore.

In his recent #AdmissionsPros interview, medical school admissions advisor Shirag Shemmassian spoke of a common pitfall with MCAT prep: “I hear with some frequency that students actually over-studied material, and didn’t have enough focus on what they actually needed to know.” Focusing on content alone won’t get you test ready; in fact, studying everything there is to know about all of the sciences covered could have a negative impact on your MCAT test strategies. Top percentile scorers get specific on what exactly will be tested — that, and that alone, is what they study.

Log in this May, June, July, and August to learn key techniques that are not covered in textbooks and on flashcards. MCAT Basic Training will focus on four key trouble areas for MCAT students: Reading Comprehension, Experimental Design, Data Analysis, and Scientific Reasoning. This series will deepen your understanding of the MCAT, develop your test-taking skills, and prepare you with section-specific strategies.

Wednesday, May 23: Focus on Reading Comprehension. See how understanding the types of reading comprehension questions can drive your analysis of passages, and learn a tried and true method for speed and accuracy.

Wednesday, June 27: Focus on Experimental Design. Gain a basic understanding of experimental design, learn to disregard unnecessary details, and learn how to identify exact experimental steps.

Wednesday, July 25th: Focus on Data Analysis. Tables, figures, and graphs serve as the foundation of many questions, but complex-looking figures are really all about intimidation. Learn how to focus on what questions are really asking.

Wednesday, August 22nd: Focus on Scientific Reasoning. Learn how to find what you need to know in a scientific passage, and how to gain broad understandings when the details are unrecognizable.  

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Unavailable for those dates? Don’t worry! The webinars will be filmed and a link will be emailed; even if you are not able to join you can still benefit from the session content.

More About Noodle Pros MCAT Prep:

Noodle Pros MCAT students are academic achievers who attend some of the most demanding schools in the country. They have worked hard on their medical school package, and deserve the best of the best when it comes to academic help and test prep.

Students come to us at all phases of their prep process — early on, when they are unsure of where to begin, several months in, after independant studying, coursework, or outside tutoring, and at the end, when they are in the home stretch but see their scores sitting stagnant on practice tests.

Noodle Pros tutors have 10-30 years of private MCAT tutoring experience, including years spent designing MCAT practice sections and diagnostic content for major test prep companies. Where many classes, online instructors, and 1:1 companies provide instruction that is rudimentary compared to high-level pre-med coursework, many Pros have taught at the college level, and provide vigorous individualized instruction that matches that of top university professors.

As industry leading tutors, Noodle Pros are honored to help MCAT students achieve their goals, wherever they may be in the process.

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*Join all four MCAT Basic Training sessions, and receive 25% off your first 3 hours of MCAT tutoring with host Doug McLemore.

Doug has been an in-demand MCAT tutor for decades, was a college-level MCAT-prep instructor, and was a test developer at a major test prep company during the transition from the old MCAT to the new.

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