Lunch. Learn. LSAT.

As top LSAT tutors, we know that many of our students are incorporating test prep into very busy schedules. With that in mind, we’ve recently introduced a lunchtime LSAT prep option: the Noodle Pros Lunch and Learn Webinar Series.

While these four classes, led by some of our most in-demand LSAT tutors, don’t substitute for true 1:1 tutoring, they offer a terrific (and free) starting off point for students at various phases of their prep processes. Divided by subject — Logic Games (hosted by Kevin Shea), Logical Reasoning (hosted by Dan Edmonds), Reading Comprehension (hosted by Bobby Hood), and Time Management (hosted by Craig Taylor) — all four webinars are now available in video format.

Check out the Lunch and Learn webinar videos below, and keep your eyes peeled for future free webinars with Noodle Pros.

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Logic Games

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  • Learn Strategies for identifying each game
  • Learn how to approach the different game variations
  • See live demonstrations with real practice questions

Logic Games host Kevin Shea has been tutoring full-time for 7 years across multiple subjects, and personally achieved a perfect 180 score on the September 2017 LSAT administration. He specializes in tutoring students with scores in the 150s and 160s, and recently pulled a student from 153 (stalled after a prep course) to 164. He has extensive experience tutoring online and is able to work with students worldwide in any time zone.

Logical Reasoning (Arguments)

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  • Learn how to analyze three key parts of an argument
  • Learn how to spot unspoken assumptions and logical flaws
  • See live demonstrations of common question types

Logical Reasoning host Dan Edmonds has been an expert LSAT instructor for more than 20 years, and boasts multiple 180 scores on the real LSAT. He draws from his years of experience to help high scoring students get even higher scores. Dan has a deep understanding of the structure and psychometrics of the test, and can quickly diagnose a student’s specific needs to help them achieve desired results efficiently and effectively.

Reading Comprehension

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  • Learn techniques for approaching passages
  • Learn strategies for using the questions and claims to your advantage
  • See a breakdown of reading passage sections and demonstrations of best practices

Reading Comprehension host Bobby Hood is an expert online tutor for students worldwide. He scored a 177 on the LSAT and attended the University of Texas School of Law on a full-tuition scholarship. He has been tutoring the LSAT for 8 years, and specializes in helping high-scoring students obtain even higher scores. He is also a member of Mensa and the Triple Nine Society.

Time Management

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  • Learn how to answer as many questions in as possible — and get them right
  • Learn unique section-by-section strategies
  • Get advice on the number of questions that must be answered to reach specific goal-scores

Time Management host Craig Taylor has tutored over 2000 students in his 25 year career with unparalleled results, and has prepared students for the LSAT in the United States, Spain, Chile, and Canada. He scored within the top 99.6th percentile on the LSAT himself, and his students have gained admissions to all of the country’s top law schools.

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