“What Anna Taught Was More Than Just Concepts and Equations.”

Anna Gazumyan-Silverman has been tutoring for over a decade, so she knows a thing or two about mastering standardized exams. For one recent GRE student, Anna’s tips for maximizing time made all the difference.

Anna was a great tutor! She made my time studying for the GRE (particularly the math section) more pleasant for me, while still pushing me hard to succeed. She is funny (yet serious), and is overall a good-natured person. But most importantly, she helped me raise my GRE scores significantly enough to make me competitive for graduate programs of interest.

What Anna taught was more than just concepts and equations. While this was important, she focused on improving my time efficiency. Time is your biggest enemy when taking the GRE. It does not matter if you know how to find all the answers, because if you cannot complete each question in under two minutes you will do poorly. She taught me tricks that enabled me to find the right answer quickly- methods that are not taught always taught in school. I could not have learned this on my own, and it is this that most significantly improved my scores.

It is with great earnest that I recommend her as a tutor for the GRE.”

Anna Gazumyan-Silverman tutors students from pre-teen all the way through graduate school, and her expertise includes the GRE along with the ISEE, SSAT, PSAT, SAT, ACT, and GMAT. She teaches key test-taking strategies along with test content, so that all of her students emerge better prepared both in subject areas and in technique.