Considering Grad School? Read These Books

These books tell you everything you need to know about getting into and surviving grad school — from finishing your applications to surviving your master’s thesis.


To grad or not to grad? The decision to go to grad school shouldn’t be taken lightly, and educating yourself about what you’re really getting into is crucial for anyone considering grad school — and honestly, if you’re over 22 and under 30, chances are you’ve thought about an advanced degree. The application process is tough enough (we see you, GRE), without shelling out a large chunk of change only to realize grad school isn’t for you.

Check out these books to get a straightforward guide to how grad school works, what to expect, and how to apply, succeed, and graduate — without losing your sanity!

Must Read:

Getting What You Came For: The Smart Student’s Guide to Earning an M.A. or Ph.D. by Robert Peters

Hands down the most useful and comprehensive guide to success in graduate school we could dig up. Peters’ book has been a classic for over 10 years for a very good reason. His excellent book takes you through every step of the process, from the application to graduation. Some might say it’s the grad school bible.

To Get In, Get Through And Get Out Without Losing Your Sanity:

Playing the Game: the Streetsmart Guide to Graduate School by Fredrick Frank, PhD and Karl Stein, PhD

An irreverent, sassy, and humorous approach to getting into, through, and out of graduate school, by two former researchers and teachers.

Piled Higher and Deeper: A Graduate Student Comic Book Selection by Jorge Cham

Hilarious cartoons about grad school life, or lack thereof. Be sure to check out the others in his series, adapted from illustrations he did as a graduate student for Stanford University’s Stanford Daily Paper.

The Grad School Handbook by Richard Jarrard

An insider’s guide from a former admissions officer provides a well-organized and comprehensive guide to getting in, financing and succeeding in grad school.

Graduate Admissions Essays: Write Your Way into the Graduate School of Your Choice by Donald Asher

Step-by-step advice on managing the application process, choosing a program, and of course, tackling the admissions essay.

Believe it or not, graduate school is not for everyone. Furthermore, there are many different options for those who do wish to pursue an advanced degree — and it’s important to know what’s what. Before committing to a graduate program, read up on admissions requirements, research opportunities, and future careers associated with your degree.

If you are drawn to graduate school, but intimidated by the looming prospect of the GRE, don’t let one test stand in your way. Browse our GRE specialistsh or reach out for a consultation.