“Jay Had An Exceptionally Good Process.”

Noodle Pro Jay Dixit helped with a student’s Common App essay.

Jay helped my son with his Common App essay which was submitted to a range of schools from Ivy League to University of Florida.

I was a bit wary of hiring a consultant because I didn’t want the essay to come off as artificial, but Jay had an exceptionally good process where he interviewed my son and pulled out his own words and experiences and then helped him craft it into something that was both a great read and accurately reflected my son and his voice.

Not only that, but the experience turned into a learning experience and left my son feeling empowered.

The impact was great. Although I think my son is a good writer, the essay he wrote before Jay and where it ended up was clearly much superior. It was a better reflection of  his strengths than the one before Jay.

Jay is truly exceptional. I have already recommended to him to several friends. I have worked with editors in the past myself, but from what I saw, Jay’s process was on a whole other level of quality and professionalism.

Jay Dixit is located in New York. He tutors the SAT, AP Psychology, GRE Psychology, Creative Writing, and Essay Editing.

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