10 Offbeat Summer Camps For Unconventional Kids

There are all sorts of summer camps out there, but which one is the right fit for your kids?

Here’s a list of ten offbeat summer camps that might just fit your kids’ unique tastes!

1. Circus Camp

Tired of your kid clowning around the house all summer? This camp will bring out the performer in your kid, where he will learn to jump, balance, swing, and juggle just like at the Big Top!

2. Zombie Camp

If you’re looking for a scary good time for your kids this summer, send them to Zombie Camp! At this camp your kid will have the time of their life battling pop-culture’s favorite ghouls! Be warned that this might not be a summer camp experience for everyone.

3. Magic Camp

There’s always been something magical about summertime, but this camp turns it up to eleven! Have your kid learn the “tricks” of the trade and soon he will be the life of every family gathering.

4. Technology Camp

Technology camp is a great way for your kid to have the summer camp experience, while learning real world skills in technology and computing. Give your kid a leg up by sending her to learn about STEM, and get a head start on cultivating that passion for STEM early and often.

5. Building Camp

Summer is a great opportunity to help your kid explore and learn some real world skills. Creative camps like Tinkering School teach your kid to work with her hands and work with others.

6. Language Camp

Parlez-vous Francais? Avoid the summer brain-drain by helping your kid re-enforce his language skills from school, and perhaps even bump them up to the next language class!

7. Climbing Camp

Is your kid climbing the walls at home? Climbing and adventure camp is a great way for kids to scramble over rocks, swing through the trees, and explore the great outdoors.

8. Filmmaking Camp

You might have the next Spielberg under your roof and not even know it! Your kid can take his summer adventure to the silver screen at filmmaking camp.

9. Creative Writing Camp

Kids can start their way to the next great American novel at your local creative writing camp! There are plenty of creative writing camps offered across the country; see what you can find near you.

10. Movie Stunts Camp

Want the Hollywood rough-and-tumble without the danger? Your kid can learn the tricks from their favorite action movies at Hollywood Stunt Camp. While this may not be for the faint-hearted, it could be a great way for kids to have fun while learning practical skills in a way that you wouldn’t be able to get in any other camp.

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