“My Daughter Got An A In The Class, 90+ Percentile On Her SAT Chemistry Subject Test And A 5 On Her AP Chemistry Exam.”

Noodle Pro Matthew Mysliwiec has been tutoring for over 20 years. He helped two students get into top ranked engineering programs.

“I highly recommend Matt Mysliwiec. Matt tutored my son and my daughter.

I originally hired Matt to help my son raise his ACT Science section score, he was an excellent student but his standardized test scores did not reflect his abilities. I hired Matt to focus on my son’s Science scores but Matt, after evaluating his exams, suggested that his reading scores reflected an issue with reading and comprehension. I had never considered focusing on the reading issue. My son had always been a “slow” reader but he still received A’s in his Honors English classes. I just assumed that his reading scores would always be lower than his Math/Science scores. I was also more concerned with STEM scores as my son was applying to engineering programs. Even with my son’s good scores he needed “excellent’ scores”. Matt’s approach helped Zach increase his scores in ALL of the ACT sections. Matt was able to determine my son’s weaknesses and crafted personalized sessions to help strengthen his reading skills. Matt helped review the content material of the STEM sections and he helped increase my son’s reading speed, but most importantly he gave my son the confidence to overcome his fear of standardized tests. My son was accepted to 9 engineering programs – all ranked within the top 20 for Mechanical Engineering.

Matt went above and beyond what a normal tutor would have done in that situation.

Two years later I hired Matt to tutor my daughter in AP Chemistry and to help her prepare for the AP Exam. My daughter is also an excellent student but she was struggling in AP Chem. Her teacher was getting ready to retire and had essentially “checked out”. It was also the first year our school district was using the University of Texas Quest software for homework assignments. Unfortunately the software was terribly written, was riddled with mistakes, and often covered subjects that were never taught by the AP Chemistry teacher. The combination of poor teaching and the Quest software was destroying my daughter’s confidence in her academic abilities. Matt essentially became my daughter’s AP Chemistry teacher. He restored my daughter’s self confidence in her leaning abilities. Matt confirmed that the Quest program had mistakes and that my daughter’s teacher was also making mistakes in her daily lesson plans. Matt did not “bad mouth’ the teacher. He simply did her job for her. Matt went above and beyond what a normal tutor would have done in that situation. He told my daughter to contact him “at any time” if she had questions. He suffered through the error ridden QUEST software – resolving the mistakes &/or rewriting the questions so they made sense. My daughter got an A in the class, 90+ percentile on her SAT Chemistry Subject test and a 5 on her AP Chemistry exam. She was also accepted to top ranked engineering programs.

I could recommend Matt solely on the fact that he improved my children’s scores and their grades. However, it is the way he taught my children that makes me give him the highest possible recommendation. My kids are both very smart, but very different in their personalities and their needs. He treated them as individuals and figured out how to relate to them as human beings. Matt respected their intelligence but he also knew that they were just kids and that their self-esteem needed bolstering. He empathized with them and he motivated them and he also made them laugh. Matt never gave me the impression that he was “running out the door’ or that my kids were just a way for him to earn a paycheck. He ALWAYS took the time to speak with me at the end of their lesson and he replied to my emails with detailed and thoughtful responses. Matt never cancelled a lesson and always arrived on-time and stayed late. My children classify me as a “Helicopter” parent and I admit my standards may be higher than some parents. I have hired other tutors for my children but Matt is the only one that I continue to recommend to my friends. Matt is truly exceptional.”

Noodle Pro Matthew Mysliwiec is located in Doylestown PA and available online. He tutors biological sciences, biology, and chemistry.