“Having Him As A Tutor Has Helped Me A Lot In My Course.”

Noodle Pro Dane Lemberger has been tutoring for 12 years. Dane is helping one student prepare for the AP chemistry exam.

“I am currently a Junior at Phillips Academy and know Dane as an AP Chemistry tutor.

I started having tutoring sessions with him in October, and due to my school’s extended Thanksgiving break, we have only had four hour long sessions so far. Dane has been overall very helpful. He is clearly extremely knowledgeable about chemistry and answers all of my questions with ease. I am happy with him as a tutor and am going to continue having sessions with him leading up to the AP exam in march.

I have tried various chemistry tutors before him, and he has been the most qualified, clear, and knowledgeable. Having him as a tutor has helped me a lot in my course. He is very responsive to all forms of communication and always responds within 24 hours if I need to ask him something. Overall a great tutor!”

Noodle Pro Dane Lemberger is located in Boston, MA and available online. He tutors the ACT, SAT, GRE, Chemistry, and Latin.