Duke shifts start dates for incoming class, moves back R3 deadline (March 30)
Duke’s R3 deadline has been moved back to June 1. It has also taken the extraordinary step of shifting the start dates for its incoming class to accommodate students grappling with travel restrictions and visa processing delays: Orientation will now start on August 31, with classes kicking off on September 3. In a March 30 message to its community, Duke adds: “However, should you not be able to make it to campus for this new start date – we are prepared. Our goal is to offer an option in which individuals can begin the program online, with their classmates who are on campus, and then join everyone in Durham as soon as they are able.”

Chicago Booth extends deadlines for R3 & Booth Scholars Program (March 26)
While Booth’s original Round three deadline of April 2 remains in place (decisions on May 21), it is allowing a “one-time extension” and will accept R3 apps for this cycle through May 31 (decisions released on a rolling basis). It will also continue to accept test scores through an extended deadline of July 1. The Admissions Committee has also decided to extend the Chicago Booth Scholars deadline to June 1, allowing applicants until July 1 to submit their GMAT/GRE scores.

Berkeley Haas creates extended deadline for R3 (March 25)
Haas has opened a Round 3 extended deadline with a due date by May 4, 2020 (decisions released on June 4). Its R3 deadline will remain on April 2, with decisions released on May 7. Haas has also increased in the number of live question and answer sessions it hosts with members of its admissions team.

UCLA Anderson extends R3 deadline 
With Anderson maintains its April 16 deadline for Round 3, the program will will accept R3 applications until June 1 (decisions on May 21, or 5 weeks after application submission).

Cornell Johnson will accept R3 apps without exams up until June 1 (March 25)
You can submit your R3 app for the fulltime MBA to Johnson on April 8 without exam scores, as long as you send them by June 1. (If you’ve sat for exams, Johnson asks that you submit current test scores for GMAT/GRE/TOEFL even if you plan to retake, indicating this in the Option Essay.) If you’re unable to meet the exam deadline, Johnson will move your application will move to the 2020-21 season.

UVA Darden transitions to rolling admissions, accepts undergrad exam scores (March 24)
In an expansive message to applicants on March 24, Darden announced that it’s added flexibility on multiple fronts to support applicants to its full-time MBA program for the Class of 2022. This including rolling admissions through July 15, and consideration of expanded test credentials. It makes Darden the first top MBA program now accepting undergrad entrance exam scores – SAT, ACT or country-specific exam score – from R3 applicants who have not taken the GMAT, GRE, LSAT or MCAT exams. (Caveat being that “if test centers reopen in the near future, applicants may submit a test score up until 15 July.”)

Candidates with completed applications are still encouraged to submit by the original R3 deadline of April 6. It’s also added an additional app deadline of June 1 to its deferred admission Future Year Scholars Program (this in addition to the existing April 6 and August 1 deadlines). Darden’s Executive MBA program will accept apps through end of June.

Wharton extends Advanced Access Deadline (March 24), allows R3 apps without exam results
In response to feedback, MBA Director of Admissions, Blair Mannix announced a new Advance Access Deadline of Wednesday, May 27. She also reiterated that Round 3 and Advance Access applicants can hit submit without having sat for a standardized test. “We reserve this option for anyone who had their test canceled or cannot travel to their test location due to social distancing restrictions,” cites Director of Admissions, Blair Mannix.

MIT Sloan Early Admissions deadline extended; interviews via Skype (March 24, 2020)
The timeline for MBA Early Admission applications has just been extended, with a new deadline of June 2, 2020 at 3:00pm EST.  Applicants invited to interview will be notified in mid-June and all interviews will be conducted via Skype.

MIT Sloan Early Admissions also accepts apps without exams, only 1 letter of recommendation
Earlier this week, Sloan Early Admissions confirmed that applicants who are unable to take and/or secure official test scores due to limited access to test facilities can request a temporary waiver to complete the exam. Any offer of acceptance will be conditional. (Contact: [email protected]) It is also allowing Early Admissions candidates to submit just one letter of recommendation, plus two additional references (who may be contacted by the committee if they have additional questions).

Kellogg Future Leaders deadline moved back (March 24); R3 apps accepted w/o exams
The Kellogg Future Leaders deadline moves back two months to June 3; the new decision date is July 29. In a March 24 statement, Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Kate Smith writes: “Given the closing of many testing centers, I also want to remind current Northwestern students who qualify for KFL that the GMAT/GRE requirement is completely optional — and we mean it.”

According to a March 16 post, applicants can submit to Kellogg without GMAT or GRE scores, and even proceed with a (virtual) interview and an initial review. Those able to submit a test score by May 1 will receive a decision for Round 3. If you’re unable to meet this deadline, Kellogg pledges to “work with each applicant” and potentially push the decision to June. Those still unable to take exams can transfer their application to next year.

GRE & TOEFL testing available online (March 23, 2020)
As of today, March 23, the GRE is offering an option to take the test at home (in selected areas), proctored via video camera. View the ETS criteria or register for taking the GRE online. TOEFL® testing is scheduled to begin on March 26, and GRE testing will begin on March 27.

HBS extends 2+2 deferred admissions application deadline (March 20)
The HBS 2+2 deadline changed to June 1, 2020 (from April 2) at noon ET for college seniors applying for deferred admission. HBS plans to release final decisions on July 28, 2020. As campus visits are suspended, HBS is ramping up virtual tours and online events. R2 applicants can expect to hear from HBS on March 30.

Dartmouth Tuck adds R4, suspends applicant-initiated interviews (March 20)
Tuck is initiating a “one-time Round 4” cycle for Round 3 candidates who need more time. Now you can submit a Round 4 application on a rolling basis from April 1 to June 1, and Tuck will return decisions on a rolling basis from May 11 to July 1. As of March 20, applicant

Stanford GSB goes online for the quarter, cancels commencement event (March 19, 2020)
Following along its March 10 announcement to move courses online, Stanford GSB announced that courses will be taught online for the duration of the spring quarter (ending June 10). Last Saturday, Stanford’s president issued a letter to the Stanford community detailing both COVID-19 related changes and institutional commitments. As of March 24, there are no deadline or application changes.

INSEAD & London Business School will accept applications without exams (March 13)
Given the closure of testing centers worldwide, both INSEAD and LBS will allow applicants to apply without a GMAT, GRE, EA or TOEFL score. This is a good faith gesture to encourage applicants to follow through with submission while implying a conditional acceptance – the expectation is that applicants will continue prep and take the exam when centers reopen. (LBS asks candidates to submit older scores if they have them.)

INSEAD classes moved online in Fontainebleau, interviews available online (March 13)
INSEAD moved classes online at its primary campus in Fontainebleau starting March 16th (the French President called for the closure of all universities until further notice). Director of Admissions Virginie Fougea also noted that the school is offering to conduct admission interviews online.

Dartmouth Tuck creates a one-time round 4 application deadline (March 20)
While maintaining its March 30th deadline for round three applicants, Tuck is creating a one-time round 4 application on a rolling basis from April 1 to June 1. The school is maintaining its March 30th deadline for round three applicants. Tuck has also suspended all applicant-initiated interviews for the remainder of this application cycle.

Columbia extends its DEP deadline to June 1, allows submission without exam results
Columbia Business School (CBS) Director of MBA Admissions Michael Robinson announced the extension of its Deferred Enrollment Program (DEP) application deadline from April 10th until June 1st, and expects to be admitting more people later in the cycle this year. Applicants may now submit their online application without a test score, or scheduled test date, but final decisions will not be rendered until standardized test scores are submitted.

Darden scales up connectivity (March 20)
Darden’s Dean posted a video message for prospective students, encouraging applicants to take advantage of extra time slots available through its ‘Schedule a Conversation‘ feature. It allows candidates to schedule a conversation with a member of the admissions committee as part of measures to scale up connectivity with the school.