Moving For B-School: Do’s And Dont’s

We know that moving isn’t easy, especially when it involves starting a new academic career at a new school. We’ve got a few tips for you brand-spanking new B-school students starting the new year in a new locale.

DON’T be afraid to throw stuff out.

While you might think you can’t live without those grapefruit spoons and couldn’t bear to throw away all those old CD’s, you’re probably wrong. Throw away anything you don’t need, and if you can’t bear to part with it, rent a storage space. If you haven’t used it by spring semester, you probably never will. Streamlining the amount of furniture, decorations, clothes, and other things you take with you will make the move less stressful and expensive. It will also leave you with less clutter to deal with when you need to focus on the important things: your studies.

DO give yourself plenty of time.

Moving always seems to take longer than you expected, so make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to pack, move, and unpack before your classes start. You don’t want to have to turn down opportunities to get to know new classmates because you didn’t give yourself time to get settled.

DON’T forget to be organized while packing.

Taking a picture of what’s in each box you pack and labeling the box will help you remember what’s where when it’s time to unpack. It will save you time and prevent you from having to search through boxes when you really need your hairdryer/colander/raincoat, etc.

DO take the time to explore your new home.

Try to schedule a day or two to explore your new neighborhood. Getting to know your new town/city/neighborhood is exciting, and taking note of nearby pharmacies, copy shops, and grocery stores will ensure that you know where shops are when you need them in the future.

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