“Even Though He Will Hold Them Accountable, He Is Also Their Biggest Cheerleader.”

Noodle Pro Thomas Miller has been tutoring for 22 years. He helped siblings gain confidence in their math abilities, while improving their grades.

“I can not say enough about how much Thomas Miller has impacted both of my children’s life in the past two years. I have a current junior in high school for whom math does not come easily, and he has worked with her over the past two academic years. In that time, they have completely rebuilt her foundation of math principles, and it has allowed her to work confidently through her Algebra II class this year. She might even say she enjoys it.

My son is an 8th grader and also meets with Mr. Miller weekly. His aptitude and confidence have improved so much that he will be taking Algebra, Geometry and Algebra II within his first two years of High School vs. the normal course of three. We will anticipate working with Mr. Miller throughout his high school career.

Mr. Miller has a tremendous capacity to understand and impart the knowledge, but more importantly, he truly takes the time to understand how the kids learn and to speak to them in that language. Additionally, he can tell when they are trying to get him to tell them the answers, or not let him know when they have not done the work, or don’t understand the material. He provides a safe environment for them to ask questions and get on with the learning vs. trying to disguise the fact that they don’t know what is going on! Even though he will hold them accountable, he is also their biggest cheerleader. When the kids perform well (which is now consistently happening!) on an exam, they often tell him first!

He is a pleasure to work with, and we consider him just part of our education routine!”

Noodle Pro Thomas Miller is located in Zionsville, IN and online. He tutors the GMAT and math.