ACT Announces New Extended Time Policies

Have you heard the news? ACT has recently announced big changes to its extended time testing policies, to be implemented in September 2018. While previous time-and-a-half test takers were permitted to self-pace throughout all four sections, the new section-by section time limits for time-and-a-half ACT testing will be as follows:

ACT Timing
ACT timing starting September 2018

What does this mean for you as a student or parent? Standard time students do not need to worry about this change. Extended time students who plan to take the ACT in September 2018 or later, however, should be cognizant of this new timing.

Whereas past extended time students might have spent only 50 minutes on English, and 110 minutes on Math, or 75 minutes on Math, and 70 minutes on Reading, our next wave of extended time testers will need to watch the clock for ACT mandated time limits, just like their standard time classmates.

This change might also impact a student’s decision to take the ACT over the SAT. Past time-and-a-half qualifying students sometimes elected to take the ACT because of the self-pacing option. Starting in September 2018, both tests will have section-specific timing, no matter the accommodation.

Do you have questions about this change? We’re happy to help — contact us here about our ACT tutoring services.


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