Five Great Resources For 2E Families

Since every 2E student’s particular profile is different, the specifics of your child’s situation and needs will be unique. That said, research and understanding of 2E children is growing rapidly, so there is a great deal of information out there to help you. Below are five of my favorite resources for learning about and supporting 2E learners.

1. 2E: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

This site offers lots of great articles that will help you and your child’s teacher(s) better understand and address the range of strengths and deficits your child may have.

2. SENG: Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted

One of my favorite organizations for parents of gifted kids, SENG’s focus (as the organization’s name indicates) is on emotional and psychological health. Many organizations for gifted kids, and schools as well, are primarily concerned with ensuring that these bright children maximize their academic performance; SENG reminds us that gifted children, like all children, are whole and complex people with a broad array of needs. The organization offers parent support groups across the U.S. (as well as online) and holds an annual conference that is well worth attending.

3. Gifted Homeschoolers Forum

Whether you homeschool or not, GHF is a great, supportive organization. Many parents of gifted children find themselves doing “after schooling” — that is, providing lots of educational opportunities outside of the regular school day, simply to keep up with their kids. This organization has an active Facebook discussion page and extensive information on their main website. They also offer online classes in a broad range of subjects for kids of all ages.

4. Great Potential Press

This publisher has books on all aspects of giftedness, including 2E.

5. Wrightslaw

If you are pursuing an Individualized Education Program (IEP) through your local public school, you’ll want to bookmark the Wrightslaw website, which is the go-to destination for legal advice on special education law. The site publishes a book “All About IEPs” that is an accessible series of Q&As on all topics related to the IEP process.