The SAT/ACT PathFinder Diagnostic

The SAT/ACT PathFinder is a 3-hour diagnostic exam that measures your testing strengths & weaknesses relative to the unique characteristics of the SAT and ACT. Our team of experts then analyzes the results and recommends the test that fits you the best. It’s SAT/ACT test selection, but easy.



In a single PathFinder test session, students face all the major structural and conceptual challenges posed by the SAT and the ACT, allowing them to complete two tests’ worth of material in one test’s worth of time. The PathFinder takes about three hours to complete, and with setup, instructions, and breaks, the entire testing experience takes less than four hours.

After completing the PathFinder, each student will receive a comprehensive score report and test analysis. The report includes:

  • accurate starting score ranges for each test section;
  • composite score ranges for both the SAT and the ACT;
  • percentage breakdowns of questions answered correctly, answered incorrectly, and omitted in each section;
  • a question-by-question map of each section that displays the student’s answer and the correct answer to each problem;
  • an overview of the student’s content strengths & weaknesses in the English section, the portion of the test where quickly relearning specific concepts has an outsize impact on score improvement.

Score ranges are calculated using data collected from official practice tests, so you can be confident that your results are based directly on the most accurate data available.

A student’s recommendation is based partly on their score ranges, but several other factors are taken into account as well, including:

  • in which sections the student’s performance was strongest and weakest;
  • whether, and in which sections, the student had timing problems;
  • the student’s relative performance on the Math sections, which represent one of the most significant differences between the SAT and ACT.

Our approach to test selection is grounded in the fact that just as the SAT and ACT are not the same, no two students are the same; every recommendation we give is based on the strengths & weaknesses of the specific student and how those line up with the characteristics of each test. We’ve even gone so far as to give each student a tester-type—a designation that summarizes the student’s test-taking “personality” by comparing their results to one of the archetypal groups of SAT/ACT testers in order to provide important context.

With our data-driven recommendation in hand, students can confidently prepare for their chosen test knowing that they’ve selected the one best suited to their individual style. Contact us today to get started!