ACT / SAT Elite Prep


What if we told you that we could teach you everything you need to know to crush the test in less than one day? Elite Prep contains just under 24 hours of instructional time spread over a 12-week online course, all delivered by the best and brightest tutors in the business.

Dive in as soon as you register by using four hours of on-demand videos to learn the basics, then schedule your 10 one-on-one sessions with our test-prep coaches to refine your approach; finally, apply the finishing touches in a two-hour pretest review.


WeekS of Classroom Instruction
Weeks of
One-on-One Coaching
Practice Tests



Personalized Review

During each one-on-one session, you’ll work with a test-prep coach to refine your use of the tactics you learn during the first week of class. Your coach will help you take control of your testing experience by customizing the foundational strategies to fit your specific test-taking strengths & weaknesses.

Comprehensive Materials

There's no better way to practice than with official materials, so that's exactly what you'll get here. As an Elite Prep student, you'll not only have access to an array of tests through our digital testing platform, you'll also get a copy of the test-maker's official guide in the mail shortly after you enroll.

Prep by Your Own Rules

Take advantage of our coaches’ extensive availability and set up your one-on-one sessions whenever works best for you; plus, you can prep on-demand by using the comprehensive video library to review any time, any place. No matter how crazy your schedule is, we got you.

Here's What You Get

Week One

Master the basics of each test section in two live 2-hour class sessions, or get started on your own schedule by viewing the classes as on-demand videos instead. Then, complete a full practice test to reinforce the techniques you learned.

Weeks Two Through Eleven

Hone your skills by meeting one-on-one with a course instructor to expand on the core techniques and tailor them to fit your test-taking ‘personality’. You’ll take a practice test for homework each week, the data will be stored in your Test Innovators profile, and you’ll review those results during the next week’s session. Rinse, repeat, crush the test.

Week Twelve

Review everything you’ve learned in Elite Prep through our two-hour Crash Course program, which is integrated directly into this course. And if you want to push your score from ‘amazing’ to ‘I can’t count that high’ with an additional one-on-one session or two, we’ve built that option right into the course as well.

Library of Instructional Videos

Zoom in on specific techniques and concepts with our ever-growing collection of short supplementary videos, which you’ll gain access to through your course account the moment you sign up.

Access to Online Test-Analytics Platform

Included with the course is an account with our partner organization, Test Innovators. You’ll use TI’s platform as your practice-testing companion; it will time each section for you, score the test once you’re done, and provide an in-depth analysis of the results so that our instructors can help you decide exactly how best to spend your valuable time.

Scheduling your one-on-one sessions

During ten of the twelve weeks of Elite Prep, you’ll meet one-on-one with a test-prep coach to review your work on the practice tests and refine your strategy. With the intuitive scheduling tool found inside the course, you can choose the exact day and time that work best for you for each session using the real-time availability of our instructors. No technological knowledge required – your session will be set up in ten clicks or fewer (seriously; we counted them). 

You’ll be able to select a specific instructor from the list if you have a favorite, or you can opt to meet with anyone who’s available for maximum scheduling options and varying perspectives. Either way, you’ll pick up right where you left off the previous week so that you don’t waste a second.