Standardized Test Prep

Since opening our doors in 1983 as the first company in the world to offer one-on-one tutoring for college entrance exams, Inspirica has been the go-to firm for students aiming for entrance into competitive US colleges and universities.We have worked with every type of student in every academic circumstance and on every type of test, so from staff to tutors, our approach is grounded in the simple fact that each child and family is unique.

We have a dedicated team of test experts whose job it is to create the optimal curriculum for each type of program by combining exceptional proprietary tools with carefully curated third-party materials, including a digital testing platform that will allow you and your tutor to assess your performance on a question-by-question basis as you work towards test day. And we believe that how you get a result is as important as the result itself, so our work centers on building the confidence and habits each student needs to meet any challenge head-on.