The sheer number and variety of programs that accept the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) for admissions can be intimidating, but really it should be just the opposite: even if you have no idea what you want to do with your life in two years — or next week — you can prep for the GRE knowing that a high score will provide you with a wealth of options.

So whether you’re dead-set on your dream school and ideal program or you just know that you’ll be back in the classroom at some point in the next five years, you’ll need a strong GRE score. Fortunately, we know some people who can help with that. Two great options. One phenomenal score. Get started with a GRE tutoring program today!


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The application process can feel like a whirlwind: you’ve got a lot to think about, and things can move very quickly. Fortunately, our Test Experts are experienced, knowledgeable, and ready to help – whether this is your first time through the process or your fifth, we'll help you select the program that best fits your goals, timeline, and budget.

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Our Team of GRE Prep Experts

Meet our team of GRE specialists! Each of the tutors you see below is available in both Elite and Premier Prep, so no matter which program you choose, you’re guaranteed to work with one of the best test experts in the world. Click on an individual tutor’s icon to see their availability and learn a little more about them. If you have specific questions — about an individual’s availability, the test, or the prep process — just drop us a line in webchat or schedule a phone consultation at whatever time works best for you.

To reserve a spot with one of these tutors in the Premier Prep format, select their icon below, choose GRE from the drop-down menu, and follow the prompts to reserve a spot on their roster. To begin work with one of them in the Elite Prep format, you’ll need to purchase your package of sessions first from the Elite GRE Prep page.

Ryan Furiness

Inspirica's Tutor & Test Analytics Expert. We defy you to find someone who knows more about how these tests work, why they don't work the ways they should, and how they can be demolished with just a few simple strategies. More...

Jim Giusti

Jim Giusti

One of Inspirica's most in-demand full-time tutors, Jim is a master of teaching all the major standardized tests, as well as Math, History, English, Accounting, Economics...and even baseball and the US Citizenship Test! More...

Amanda Buckley

Amanda Buckley

A college professor with an MFA in Writing who secretly adores teaching math, cracking the codes of all the major standardized tests, and employing humor to keep her students engaged. More...

Chris Dibona

Chris Dibona

Both a full-time tutor and one of Inspirica's Program Coordinators, Chris is an Ivy League doctoral candidate closing in on a decade of experience teaching standardized test excellence to students of all ages. More...

J. O'Neill

You want a tutor who a) received a perfect score on the SAT, b) has over thirty years teaching experience, and c) has been on the cover of People Magazine? Then you want J! More...

Master Tutor Donald Viscardi

Donald Viscardi

Inspirica's Master Tutor. Donald's expertise is derived from working with thousands of students with varying learning styles over the course of three decades. There can be only one, and it is without a doubt Master Viscardi.More...

Aja Brady-Saalfeld

Aja Brady-Saalfeld

One of Inspirica's most in-demand full-time tutors, Aja tutors an extraordinarily wide range of subjects and tests. Her favorite aspect of tutoring is the opportunity to watch students grow while working toward their goals. More...

Jonah Fishel

Jonah Fishel

Inspirica's Information Systems Specialist and full-time tutor, Jonah's is Inspirica’s jack-of-all-trades. His favorite thing in the world is watching someone light up when they understand a difficult concept for the first time. More...

Jacob Pankow

Jacob Pankow

A former high school teacher who left the classroom to pursue a second masters -- first Teaching then Politics -- while tutoring one-on-one. More...

Andres Sanin

Andres Sanin

An immunology lab professional with a Masters in Medical Sciences, Andres aims for each of his students to reach beyond their reach schools. More...

Juliet Brownell Lee

Juliet Brownell-Lee

With a Masters in English Lit, Juliet specializes in ACT, SAT, GRE, LSAT, and French, though her real passion lies in helping math-shy or test-anxious students grow their confidence and conquer their fears. More...


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