Buy a comprehensive package for $995.

Build your own prep plan from $349.


Full-Length Practice

On-Demand Video Instruction

Small-Group Test Review Sessions

One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Includes access to each of the following:

  • Six hours of on-demand video instruction in test-specific strategies.
  • A weekly line-up of 4+ small-group sessions to attend as often as you like.
  • Credits for 2x 1.25-hour one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • A practice testing platform that tracks your progress through a series of full-length tests.

There’s no set sequence or curriculum, and you’re free to work at whatever pace works best for you for up to a year from enrollment.

Flex Prep Starter Packs

On-demand video instruction, small-group classes, or one-on-one coaching: which one matches the way you work best? Choose that starter pack and add other components as you go via the in-course upgrade system.

Flex Prep Build-A-Bundle

Customize to your heart’s content with our build-a-bundle system. Choose any or all of on-demand videos, small-group sessions, one-on-one coaching, and digital practice-testing in whatever configuration you like. The more you add, the more you save. No matter how you flex, you’ll get everything you need to crush the test.

About Flex Prep

Need Advice?

Give us a call, schedule a free consultation, or chat live with our team of test experts today! Whenever you’re starting, wherever you are, and however you work best, we’re here to help.

After nearly 40 years of prepping students, we recognize tutor-driven prep isn’t for everyone. Some work best on their own, others don’t have time for weekly sessions, and yet others simply need the flexibility traditional prep cannot provide. That’s why we created Flex Prep.

Flex Prep takes the four key components of prep  — one-on-one coaching, small-group review sessions, full-length practice testing, and on-demand video instruction — and provides them in a format that puts the student in charge. If you’re looking for something that’s both comprehensive and self-directed, then Flex Prep is for you!

Dynamic Prep: All of the above and more!

This twelve-lesson course combines all the elements on Flex Prep and then adds some additional one-on-one coaching to create a carefully curated sequence of lessons that results in the most comprehensive and engaging prep available. It’s the Goldilocks of test prep!