If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to test prep. From testing timeline to preferred format, there are a number of variables that affect how, when, and where each student is most likely to improve. Our ACT and SAT prep options are carefully crafted to reflect that fact. 

Whether you’re looking for one-on-one or small-group, structured or self-guided, in-depth or a quick review, we’ve got something that will be perfect for you. The one constant is that every option is designed and taught by the best team in the business; that’s just as true today as it was 35 years ago. So whenever you’re starting, wherever you are, and however you work best, we’re here to help.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that there’s no real difference between the two tests: both 3-letter acronyms, both terrible ways to spend a Saturday, so they’ve got to be similar, right?

Not so much. These two tests are actually quite different, and every student is more likely to succeed on one than on the other. We’ve got good news, though: Inspirica’s Agnostic Diagnostic simulates both tests in a single sitting and then provides you with a clear recommendation of which one best fits your individual testing style.

Sign up for just $49, and for a limited time get a $99 credit towards any prep program.  We can help you waste the test without wasting your time — it’s ACT SAT test selection made easy!

The Structure of the Test is the challenge of the test

Although most of the concepts tested will be familiar to students, the format in which they appear will be new, making the structure of the test one of its most predictable challenges. This predictability is what makes the ACT and SAT so amenable to preparation: with proper instruction and practice, students can learn to see through the test-writers’ mis-directions to successfully answer questions that they would otherwise get wrong.

Testing More Than Once Is To Your Advantage

Rather than compare testers against an objective set of standards, these tests instead compare students against one another, using five years' worth of data to balance out the minor differences in content from test to test. Because of this, there's no advantage or disadvantage to testing on any particular date; test when you are ready to test, and test multiple times to maximize your chances of improvement.

Take the Test in the way that's best for you

These tests are standardized, but students’ testing strengths and weaknesses can vary substantially. Fortunately, just because the test-writers put questions in a particular order doesn’t mean that you need to answer them in that sequence. In fact, a huge part of success on these tests is figuring out how to shape your approach to the sections to match your test-taking style, and that customization is a central focus of our test-prep programs.


How many times should I take the ACT/SAT? Why can’t I just do it once and be done?  How far apart should my test dates be spaced? Learn more here.

Maybe you’ve heard that colleges prefer one test over another? Or that because the ACT includes science, only students who like science should take that test? Or what about the idea that you have to prep for months to move your score? We’re here to set the record straight.

Unlike most tests, the ACT and SAT aren’t primarily testing your knowledge of facts or your ability to apply the concepts you’ve learned in school—the structure of the test is its primary challenge, and unless you prepare for that, you’ll never achieve your best score. Learn more.

COVID Is Still A Thing. You Still Need SAT/ACT Scores. Now What?

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Applying for SAT Testing Accommodations

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