Dynamic Prep


This eight-week online course combines equal parts group instruction and one-on-one review to give you all the benefits of both. Build your foundation in each section of the test using our tried and proven curriculum, perfected over 37 years of tutoring; then, make those strategies your own by applying them to official practice tests and reviewing the results one-on-one with a course instructor.

You don’t have to worry about getting bored, because no two weeks of Dynamic Prep are exactly the same – well, except for the consistent score increases.

Eight Weeks to Testing ExCellence

Weeks of Classroom Instruction
Weeks of
One-on-One Coaching
Practice Tests



Live Classroom Instruction

Start by mastering the basics of each test section during two weeks of live classes, each offered multiple times for maximum scheduling flexibility. If you can’t make one of those scheduled times work for you, no worries – just stream your prep using our library of videos instead!

Personalized Strategy Review

During each of the four test-review sessions, you’ll work one-on-one with an instructor on a date and time of your choosing to refine your implementation of the core techniques. Your coach will help you take control of your testing experience by customizing the strategies to fit your individual strengths & weaknesses.

Structure, Flexibility... Structibility?

With its concrete week-by-week course timeline, Dynamic Prep gives you a clear road map to crushing the test; no more worrying about how best to spend your time. Each week, use the video archive and session scheduler to prep whenever you want, wherever you want.

Here's What You Get

Weeks One & Two

Master the basics of each test section in sessions that can be attended live or using on-demand video, then complete a full practice test to reinforce the techniques you learned.

Week Three

Hone your skills by reviewing the results of your practice with an instructor in your first 2-hour one-on-one session. Learn where you should be focusing your efforts, then apply that knowledge to another practice test.

Weeks Four & Five

Return to the classroom or streaming library with four hours of instruction focusing on the more advanced techniques and complex content in each test section. Your homework assignment each week will be – you guessed it – a practice test to consolidate everything you’ve learned.

Week Six

Refine your methods by meeting with an instructor for another two-hour session and review all the work you’ve done since Week 3.

Weeks Seven & Eight

Solidify your approach in two final one-hour one-on-one test review sessions. Ask any lingering questions, review your game plan for each section, then start composing a text to your parents bragging about your awesome score – you’re going to need it later.

Library of Instructional Videos

Zoom in on specific techniques and concepts with our ever-growing collection of short supplementary videos, which you’ll gain access to through your course account the moment you sign up.

Eight Full-length practice tests

There’s no better way to practice than on full-length tests, so within the course, you’ll have access to eight full-length exams, the majority of which come from the test-writers themselves.

Access to Online Test-Analytics Platform

Included with the course is an account with our partner organization, Test Innovators. You’ll use TI’s platform as your practice-testing companion; it will time each section for you, score the test once you’re done, and provide an in-depth analysis of the results so that our instructors can help you decide exactly how best to spend your valuable time.

Scheduling your one-on-one sessions

During four of the eight weeks of Dynamic Prep, you’ll meet one-on-one with a test-prep coach to discuss what you’ve learned in class and review your work on the practice tests. With the intuitive scheduling tool found inside the course, you can choose the exact day and time that work best for you for each session using the real-time availability of our instructors. No technological knowledge required – your session will be set up in ten clicks or fewer (seriously; we counted them). 

You’ll be able to select a specific instructor from the list if you have a favorite, or you can opt to meet with anyone who’s available for maximum scheduling options and varying perspectives. Either way, you’ll pick up right where you left off the previous week so that you don’t waste a second.