Since opening our doors almost 40 years ago, we’ve worked with a lot of athletes. And in many ways, athletes make the perfect students: they generally come to us with concrete goals and with an understanding of the importance of hard work and consistent practice already instilled in them. That’s why we were so excited to create our Club and Youth Sports Partnerships program, which works to cultivate relationships with athletic organizations in order to provide support for an even larger number of student-athletes across the country.

As a small company, we have the flexibility to provide our youth sports partners with assistance in any number of ways. Some of our primary specialties are listed below, but this is just a selection of the services we offer – we’re always willing to work with individual organizations in order to cater more directly to their needs. 

If you’re interested in learning more, set up a phone consultation and let us show you why we’ve been industry leaders for more than 35 years. We can’t wait to get started.


At no charge to your club or organization, we will organize and host informational session for students and parents to help guide them through the testing process. In these Zoom meetings, we will cover the current lay of the land for standardized testing and the college application process, including: the importance of choosing the correct test, typical testing calendars, including the likelihood of multiple registration and test dates, what test optional really means for student-athletes, and of course how best to prep for these exams. Because we believe these webinars are a win-win for you and for us, we offer these at no charge to all our partner organizations. 


The SAT and ACT are radically different tests, and almost every student is better off focusing on one over the other. The question of ‘which test is better for me’ is a particularly important one for athletes, for whom an extra point or two on the ACT can be the difference between getting a scholarship and paying their own way. Fortunately, our Agnostic Diagnostic, or ‘AgDi’, makes answering that question as easy as it could possibly be. We offer the AgDi to organizations completely free of charge, which provides an excellent opportunity for clubs to raise money. Many choose to charge a small fee to administer the test; because we then score, analyze, and return the results at no cost to the club, all the money raised can be put toward coaches’ salaries, equipment, or fee waivers for athletes who need financial assistance.


We are pleased to offer free access to Rapid Prep, our six-hour ACT/SAT video course, to each student athlete who completes the Agnostic Diagnostic through our youth sports partnerships. This online course is a great place to start for students prepping for the ACT/SAT, and provides a good jumping-off point for athletes who want additional prep. Our other small-group online courses are particularly popular among athletes, as the flexible class schedule and comprehensive video library ensure that test prep can fit around even the most hectic practice schedule. For athletes looking for the most rigorous prep available, our fully customized 1-on-1 programs represent the very best of our 35+ years of experience.


The seasonal nature of sports means that the ideal testing plan for a football player will look very different from that of a lacrosse player. We’ll work with you and your athletes directly to devise the prep strategy and testing timeline that work best with their schedules and recruiting deadlines.


Our expertise doesn’t stop at standardized tests. We offer both short-term and long-term academic tutoring, with a variety of options designed to fit every budget. So whether they are cramming for tomorrow’s math test, working on the first draft of a paper that’s due in a couple of weeks, or getting a head start on the college application essays that will be due next fall, we’ve got them covered. And with expertise in more than 60 subjects, our staff of world-class tutors can provide your students and their siblings with the support they need when they need it.


When clubs choose to partner with us, the services that we can offer them increase even more. After you sign on, we’ll provide you with a personalized course-registration link to distribute to your athletes and even to their families & friends. Whenever someone signs up for an online class using that link, the system will track them as one of your own, and you’ll automatically receive a portion of the profits from every sale you generate.

Rather than simply earning a percentage of profits, some organizations instead opt to put the money they generate toward discounted admission to the online classes for their athletes. If you choose this option, we’ll help you to develop a sliding-scale discount structure so that every one of your athletes gets the support that he or she needs. Maybe some of your athletes have the means to pay full price for the course, but others need a complete discount; alternatively, maybe you simply want the same partial cost decrease for everyone. Whatever best fits the needs of your organization, we’ll work with you to make it happen.

LEARN MORE about youth sports partnerships

To find out more about how Inspirica can help your organization, contact Nina Abrams, our Head of Youth Spots Partnerships. You can schedule a time for her to call you using the link to her calendar below, or you can contact her directly, whichever you prefer.

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