One-on-one test prep isn’t right for everyone. Some students learn better in a more social environment, some are looking for something more flexible than a traditional one-on-one program, and others are just flat-out too busy for regular weekly sessions. If any of that sounds familiar to you, then you’re in luck – we offer a full slate of small-group test prep classes that prioritize flexibility and cost efficiency.

Our small-group SAT and ACT classes are built around the same principles as our one-on-on programs, so they incorporate practice sections, homework review, and instructor feedback; plus, they all utilize the same materials as our individualized programs and are taught by the same seasoned instructors, so you won’t make any compromises when it comes to quality. 

Learn more about the different offerings below, and find the self-directed or small-group test prep class that’s perfect for your needs. We’ll see you in class. 


Dynamic Prep

This twelve-lesson course combines the perfect blend of video instruction, small-group test prep classes, and one-on-one coaching in a carefully curated sequence to create the most comprehensive and engaging prep available. It’s the Goldilocks of test prep for under $2000!

Flex Prep

Self-designed test prep for the self-directed student! Build your own test prep course with any combination of on-demand videos, small-group classes, and one-on-one tutoring to ensure that your prep is exactly how and when you want it. Perfect for any timeline and budget.

Crash Course

This one's for all you late-night studiers. In one two-hour on-demand video, students get an overview of the most essential strategies and techniques for each section of their chosen test, with both official and proprietary materials provided for use in additional independent practice.



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