Partner Schools Receive Free Diagnostic Testing &
On-Demand Prep For Every Student

At Inspirica, we understand that effective test prep means more than just training the best tutors and helping individual students reach their highest possible scores. The preparation process doesn’t start when students sit down with a tutor for the first time, and it doesn’t stop between tutoring sessions each week: it’s an ongoing process that only ends when students open acceptance letters from their dream schools, and we want to be there for every part of that process.

That’s why we created our School Programs Initiative, which is designed to cultivate long-lasting relationships with all types of schools, from public to private to parochial, by providing the highest quality test prep and academic support services possible to their students each and every school year. Whether it’s complimentary ACT/SAT diagnostic testing, free test prep services, or ongoing one-on-one academic support, it’s our privilege to provide our partner schools with the assistance their students need all year round.

Below you’ll find more details on a couple of the specific services that we offer to our partner schools. If you’re looking for something in particular, such as a longer-term program, drop us a line using the contact box at the bottom of the page. We’re always happy to talk about how we can most comprehensively address your school’s needs.

On-Demand Prep

Free Test Prep

Partner with us to provide free ACT and SAT test prep to each of your students. That's right, we said free!

We'll provide each student with access to a video library that includes more than 12 hours of prep and $100 in site credit to use on any of our other services, which include small-group classes, one-on-one-tutoring, and homework help. Student signups are handled via a simple landing page that we build for you, and the page can be customized to include your school name, school logo, and an individualized welcome message.

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ACT/SAT Test Selection

Free Diagnostic Testing

Teachers and counselors are constantly fielding questions from students and their parents about whether to take the SAT or the ACT. Fortunately, our Agnostic Diagnostic makes answering those questions easier than it's ever been.

We’re so confident in the AgDi's ability to offer an accurate and personalized test recommendation for each student and so certain of the importance of that recommendation that we offer group administrations of the test to our partner schools completely free of charge. 

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If you’re interested in learning more about what Inspirica can do for your school and its students, click here to email Rachel Epstein and let her show you why we’ve been industry leaders for nearly forty years.

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