World-Class Test Prep and Tutoring


At Inspirica, our test prep and tutoring programs center on building the confidence and habits each student needs to meet any academic challenge head-on. Over nearly four decades, we’ve worked with every type of student in every academic circumstance, so from staff to tutors, our approach is grounded in the simple fact that each student and family is unique.

We offer both small-group and one-on-one test prep and tutoring options for students on a variety of timelines and budgets, with comprehensive programs starting as low as $249 and pay-by-the hour rates that begin at just $120/hour. So whatever your goals and wherever you are, with hard work and our help, your best score is within reach.

When you choose a one-on-one tutoring program, you get our most personalized approach to test prep. It’s all here: a team of Program Coordinators and Test Experts to guide you through the process, a world-class tutor to craft a plan of attack based on your unique set of strengths and weaknesses, and the best materials and practice-test systems available.

One-on-one prep isn’t right for everyone. For students with social learning styles,  busy schedules, or those looking for something more flexible than a traditional one-on-one program, there’s small-group instruction. We offer a full slate of test-specific small-group classes that prioritize flexibility and cost efficiency.