They save 10%.

You get $125 in credit or a $100 gift card.

We tutor a fantastic student.

Everyone wins!

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Enter the email addresses of the person you'd like to refer below, and when you click submit we'll send an email on your behalf with a code good for 10% off the purchase of a Dynamic Prep, Elite Prep, or Comprehensive Flex Prep program. When they make their purchase, we'll email you with instructions on how to unlock your reward. It's that simple!

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Available Rewards

Starbucks Gift Card
Starbucks Gift Card
$100 value.
Amazon Gift Card
Amazon Gift Card
$100 value.
Locked tutoring and test prep gift card Site Credit
$125 value.

Please Note: The option to unlock rewards will appear only after your referrals have successfully completed their purchase using the discount code they received in their invitation email.


How Does the Program Work?

You provide us with the email address of the person you’d like to refer, and we’ll send them a code for 10% off the purchase of a Dynamic Prep, Elite Prep, or Comprehensive Flex Prep program. When they complete their purchase, you get your choice of $125 in site credit or a $100 gift card from either Amazon or Starbucks. 

How Many Referrals Can I Make?

As many as you want, as often as you want. Send us your nieces and nephews, your cousins, the kid who waters your lawn when your family goes out of town — go crazy! As long as each one of them makes at least one purchase, we’ll keep giving you codes until we run out of unique combinations of letters and numbers.

Can I Refer Myself and Get Two Codes?

Come on, really? No, of course you can’t do that. The system requires two different Inspirica accounts tied to two different email addresses and names, so you cannot make a referral to yourself, and…honestly? This is starting to feel like one of those GRE vocabulary questions in which the meaning of everything gets turned upside down and backwards, and what you really meant to ask was the question we answered just before this one?

Need Help? Got Questions?

Contact us at or through the support chat here on the site and we’ll be happy to help you out.