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Since we first opened our doors almost four decades ago, we’ve worked every day to get better at everything we do. From one-on-one tutoring to small-group classes, from customer service to website support, we’re always looking to improve. That’s why we ask each of our customers to write a review of their experience at the end of each program using a third-party service to independently verify each review. Good or bad, they’re are all posted right here, unedited and in their entirety, for you to consider as you explore your options for test prep and tutoring. 

We cannot promise that we will be perfect, but we can and do promise that we will never stop trying to achieve it. 

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  1. Yuka

    Hi, my son loved working with Donald. Donald is an amazing tutor and was always ready to help!

    Whenever I had questions, Donald responded me right away with thorough answers. If I know of anybody looking for a test prep, I will recommend Donald and Inspirica for sure.

    Thank you!

  2. DonnaMarie

    My son used Inspirica to help him prepare for his LSAT exam. His tutor definitely gave him the necessary tools he needed to master this difficult exam. As a parent, I would receive updates, on my son’s progress, which made me understand where my son’s weaknesses and strengths were, and what they were going to proceed going forward.

  3. Rob

    Heading into tutoring, we didn’t really know as parents what to expect. Tutoring wasn’t something we did as kids, but at some point along the way it seems to have become the norm? Well, let’s just say after this experience that my husband and I both wish that we’d had tutors like the ones Inspirica sent out way. Absolutely amazing, and we cannot recommend them highly enough!

  4. Mamta

    Thank you so much for the incredible support given to my daughter for her ISEE (Upper level) tests. Her tutor Yuliya Aleksandrov was very sweet and helpful. She did an excellent job helping my daughter prepare for the test.
    The overall experience with Inspirica was absolutely wonderful.

  5. Jen

    The individual tutors were very good and Inspirica handled a last minute tutor switch very well. However, when I requested some late summer review (I emailed in early July for late August), I was assured it could be scheduled and I should set up office practice tests. The website was not working, and I could not reach anyone by phone. I heard nothing for several weeks, but I was contacted by a new person and told that the Newton office had closed (although I had scheduled two practices tests there). Then, eventually I was told that no tutors were available due to high demand. I understand the demand, but 8 weeks in advance should have been enough time to schedule 2-3 review sessions and, at the very least, I should have been notified that the Newton Centre office was closing. It was very sloppy and unfortunately, I was not able to get my daughter tutoring with another group so late in the game. Going forward, I would not plan to use Inspirica again.

  6. Mara

    Inspirica provides excellent test prep for my students and helped them achieve scores that qualified them to gain admission to the top schools in the country.

  7. Lisa

    We are not using Inspirica any more for my children’s tutoring. Did not feel there is personal attention anymore and that the administration was located to far away. Tutors where fine

  8. Anne

    Our daughter worked with a tutor for just a few weeks and had an increase in her scores. If we had more time we might have selected a tutor more similar to her learning style. But we would use the service again for sure.

  9. Eli

    We had a fantastic experience with Inspirica. Our son’s tutor, Julie, was the perfect match for him and his specific test prep needs. She truly customized his prep plan and the results reflected that conscientious approach and attention to the details. Additionally, the materials and tools for him to study on his own further bolstered his prep, skills, and confidence. The only negative I can offer is the price point seems exorbitant. I appreciate why the services are priced where they are. And, yes — we were willing to pay up for the excellent Inspirica result. But to be so much more expensive than the other (albeit lesser) test prep services was a slightly bitter pill to swallow.

  10. David

    You did a great job for both of or children. We a have referred you to all of our friends. Thanks so much

  11. Rowina

    Very very attentive to my children, great chemistry with tutor and made them feel inspired. Inspirica is effective.

  12. Avia

    Inspirica is amazing! Best tutoring company Ever. Highly recommended in all academic needs.

  13. Terri

    JONAH was amazing tutoring for ACT in my home,
    My daughter went up 6 points from baseline.

  14. Margaret

    Both my kids used Inspirica to help them write their college essays. They both worked with amazing people who helped uncover their stories and write a compelling essay. Both tutors were also available for quick edits when the kids were dealing with supplement deadlines. And it was a huge relief to me knowing they were being guided by experienced writers.

  15. Tinabeth


  16. J.T. and Kelly

    Our son improved his SAT score by well more than 300 points over his junior year PSAT score. He blew through his target score and was admitted early decision to the college of his dreams. THANK YOU INSPIRICA!

  17. Jung

    Donald was great!

  18. Holly

    We were very happy with your tutors. Thank you.

  19. Sudip

    The best test preparation available. Ricky was excellent very patient and knowledgeable.

  20. Michael & Nilofar

    Great experience with both my daughters. In both cases they meaningfully improved their scores. More importantly is that the tutors really care about their students and adapt to individuals learning styles.

  21. Lori

    Did a fantastic job taking a strong student through the paces to become familiar and successful with the ACT. Highly recommend.

  22. Amy

    Ryan was the perfect fit for my daughter. He really helped her understand the strategies needed on how best to take the ACT, and she jumped 7 points!

  23. Diane

    After only 6 weeks of once or twice weekly sessions, my daughter increased her ACT by 3 points. Tutor was exceptional and kept a tired and distracted kid engaged!

  24. Nancy

    Great Service!

  25. Sample Customer

    This is a shop review. Note that the product_id is -1. Customer service is good!

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